GMA News TV, The New Face of QTV Channel 11

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

Starting February 28, 2011, QTV Channel 11 will be replaced by GMA's newest channel.
GMA News TV Channel 11.

GMA News TV Channel 11 will the first of its kind in Philippine free TV.
Boasting new and fresh shows, GMA News TV is set to change the look of news channels in the country.

With GMA News TV's tagline "Oras oras. Alam Ko.", the channel aims to make news accessible to the viewers anytime of the day though the channel. The new channel will also launch new and exciting shows that will strengthen the viewership of the channel in the near future.

Some of the New shows to look out for on GMA News TV Channel 11 are;
  • Flashbook
  • Game!
  • Best Men
  • Balita Pilipinas
  • Goodnews
  • Bawal ang Pasaway
  • iJuanDer
  • Investigative Documentaries
  • May Tamang Balita
  • News to Go
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Front Row
  • Reel Time
  • State of the Nation
  • Pop Talk
  • The Smiths
  • In the Lime light
  • Power House
GMA News TV will offer shows from straight news like "News to Go", Travel shows like "Weekend Getaway", Reality shows like The Smiths to even light news like "May Tamang Balita" hosted by Ramon Bautista, Sheena Halili , Maey Bautista and Janna Dominguez who will give a funny twist to normal news. 

Although most shows on GMA News TV are new, they still retained some popular shows from QTV Channel 11 such as Tonight with Arnold Clavio, Ang Pinaka, Full time Moms and 700 club Asia.

Let look out and wait for this new channel that will launch on February 28, 2011!

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