Is it that time of the year already? I'm getting old.

Sunday, September 04, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

Is it that time of year already?
Some people are scared for their day to arrive while most loves the day when it arrives.

What am i talking about?
Im talking about Birthday.
Yes, Im already officially 21 years old today.

It was 7 in the morning when I tasted my first breath, The morning that mom keeps telling me was one of the most wackiest day of her life. While Mom was in labor, My big brother is still asking mom to bring him to school while dad is outside with his bike biking all his nervousness away.

Even though I dont remember my first birthday, mom kept some photos of me on my first Birthday. Its looks like I had a blast during my birthdays when I was small. Check out the photos below. :)

I think this is my first birthday :)
Still on my first birthday, first taste of cake. :)
I remember my friends always comes to our house on my birthday, mom buys those colorful breads the we totally love that time. Do stores still sell that kind of rainbow bread? I would totally buy some if there is. haha

Didnt knew I'm sporting the mushroom cut hair since I was small. heehee
So whats my point?

I'm just reminiscing my younger years, although its different now, I still feel the love I felt when I was small.
Every year I write this birthday blog and thank everyone for the new page to add to my book. The feeling the im slowly turning a year older gives me the mixed emotions of scared and excited, Scared because I'm getting old, and Excited because I'm excited on the coming year ahead of me.

Thank You to everyone who became a part of my 21 years here on earth! Whether you know me as Alexis, Alex, Lex, Kim, Kim Bam, Bam or even Shindong, I Thank you all for including me in your life! I wish everyone good health!

Til next year! Thank You!

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