Jump Experience Center - A Tech Paradise in the Metro

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Last August something special opened at SM Megamall Cyberzone, its the Jump Experience Center, and I got the chance to visit the place a week ago to check out what everyone is talking about.

The Jump Experience Center Entrance
Jump Experience Center is a new tech haven that showcases latest trends and gadgets in a museum-like set-up (minus the orchestra music). Here you can play around with the gadgets displayed, yes! all gadgets on display are real & working. The Jump Experience Center also showcases PLDT & SMART's latest technologies including HSPA+, Fiber to Home & LTE which people can try out first hand.

The Jump Experience Center is divided into 8 areas which highlights the different features of the Jump Experience Center.

first check out what will greet you on the place. Outside the Jump Experience Center You will be greeted by this interactive touch-screen wall called the Jump Avatar Screen, where you can take a photo and send it later on to your email. Pretty neat souvenir for everyone! Unfortunately, I didn't got the chance to try it out coz the Camera is too high and im too small LOL :)) You can also check out PLDT Group of Companies' latest promos and services offered through this interactive touchscreens.

You can also see the Jump Billboard, this is the wall you will see when you enter the main place, it has four screens that features the Jump Centers' map, product commercials, Springboard registration and event happening at the Center.

You can also see PLDT's latest technologies flashed through these screens like the ones you will see at the Jump Avatar Screen at the Main entrance.

Itching to play Angry Birds? How about Angry Birds on an 82" interactive Multi-touch screen?
Well here in the Jump Exprience Center You can! Check out Panorama

Play with friends and have a little competition by playing Angry Birds on this giant screen at the Jump Experience Center, the 82" screen also serves as a platform to learn how the PLDT Group of Companies continue to change lives by making things extraordinary.

If you want to have an idea on the new home solutions from landline to internet to entertainment, Check out the Solutions Zone where you can check out the wide range of home solutions for you.

Enterprise Solution is also included in this area, where you can check out the latest enterprise solutions suited for your business!

I really had fun tinkering with the Macbooks! :))
The Stay Connected Zone features Mobile Zone that features latest Gadgets and mobile handsets, Internet Zone where you can discover best internet connections that will suit your lifestyle from "easy on the pocket" to "surf til' you drop" plans and International Zone where you can find out offers that can keep you connected to your loved-ones and friends even if you're countries apart! These three zones are all packed into the Stay Connected Zone!

Tried the HTC Chacha also known as the Facebook Phone.
And the Center of the Jump Experience Center, the Arena a raised circular stage-like area complete with lights! This is where you can experience more latest gadgets.

The Raised circular Arena also serves as a stage for events held inside the center, There are comfy solo seats provided below this circular stage which I find very amusing and convenient for people who are tired from checking out all the tech goodness!

Also in the Center is the Springboard which is like a classroom-like closed area where people can discover latest in technology, Tips & Tricks on the internet and more! The Jump Experience Center also offers Springboard Sessions where anyone can sign-up to, best of all its Free!

If you have questions about the products in exhibit or just to ask something about the other cool things you can do inside the Jump Experience Center, Just approach any of the Jump Squad members and they will gladly show you around!

I got the chance to talk to one of the Jump Squad member and He gladly assisted me on the stuffs I asked about the Jump Center! Very Cool! I even played with the new Smart Netphone which is awesome! \m/

Really love this shot! 2 Photos looked like 1!
oha! Gulat si Kuya at the back! haha
4/F Cyberzone, Building B of SM Megamall.
The Jump Center is open during mall hours!
Entrance is FREE! :)

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