Who is Nilo Pillow and Where is He Going?

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A perfect companion whenever we sleep.
A perfect headrest whenever we feel tired.
A perfect hug buddy when we feel like hugging.
Yes, it's the trusty pillow.

Whenever we go to sleep or go on a trip, A pillow is always essential.
It adds comfort to our aching body or sleepy head.
But have you seen a pillow with a dream?

Meet Nilo Pillow.
Born December 23, ????

He is the chosen pillow that loves to travel. He calls himself a Pillow Traveler,  He is a cheerful, warm-hearted character. He likes to see different places and meet different people. His dream is to reach the world (all 196 countries).  This quirky pillow is now being followed by thousands of followers on his Facebook Page and is quickly gaining attention because of his goal. 

Actually his goal is simple, to reach every country in the world and have a photo in different places in the globe. Take Nilo everywhere you go and show the world through Nilo pillow's eyes.

Nilo the Pillow is currently sending out some of his Nilo Pillow buddies to lucky facebook fans for free! YES! No catch here, just post photos of Nilo in different places when you receive one of his buddies. Check out some of Nilo's photo while travelling:

Nilo Pillow visits Starbucks
Nilo Pillow meets Jollibee
Nilo Pillow meets Manong Guard
Nilo Pillow witness Kotong Cops
Nilo Pillow is made from fibers of both the natural cotton and polyester fabric.Therefore,it has the coolness and lightness of a cotton and the strength and durability of polyester which makes it" breathable", "washable" and" huggable". Perfect pillow to bring anywhere.

Nilo Pillow will be available soon to the public for those who wants to 
participate in his goal to travel around the world!

To Know More about Nilo Pillow and his adventures!

*Credits to Nilo Pillow for the Photos Used

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