DPWH Official's photo goes viral and takes spotlight in the cyberspace

Saturday, October 01, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 1 Comments

A few days after Typhoon Pedring (Nesat) lashed the Region of Luzon and caused major damages in the Manila Bay's breakwater park area. Public officials rushed to the damaged area to inspect, but something interesting caught the online world's attention a few days after the inspection.

A photo uploaded in DPWH Facebook account became the talk of the online world after obviously using Photoshop to lasso the 3 officials into one photo, as seen below:

After a few minutes, the administrator of the DPWH page deleted the post and apologized for the "wrong photo posted". But as everyone knows, what you put in the internet becomes immortal, and this photo is no exception. The viral photo was even reported by The Washington Post.

As for the Philippines, Pinoy's hated the fact that Public Offices takes the time to edit photos for publicity sake while many are wondering why photoshop the photo if they really went there in the site at the first place, why not use the other real photos?

And because of this Viral Photo, many Pinoy's even edited the photo and put the 3 officials in some of the most funniest situations and locations. They even created a page on Facebook dedicated for it named DPWHERE? where people can edit photos and submit it to the page, all for the sake of Humor. Check out some of the photos posted by users;

The Spartan's and the DPWH officials having a heart to heart talk.

Even Neptune is not happy.
I Guess the 3 officials are fans of Anne
Getting Up Close with Rizal.
Patronus DPWH
The New 1000 Peso Bill?
Meanwhile, in the Gown Competition

They weren't informed also
The Last Supper
The 3 Additional Members of Super Junior?
You already spotted the cat? Can You spot the 3 DPWH Officials?
Whats is your most favorite meme photo above? Comment below! :)

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  1. I personally like the last one, I remember when I was a kid friends would always ask "nasan yung pusa??" Now, you'll ask "Asan ang mga mokong??" LOL


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