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Recently, I stumbled upon a new place at Trinoma mall which I automatically presumed to be a Ramen resto because of its name (duh!) haha. But that time I was on my way home so I promised I will return to try what they serve.

After a couple of weeks persuading my friends to come with me to try foods at Ramen X, I finally dragged my 2 office mates to the resto. This was the day I resigned from my work and just to burst the sadness from my sudden farewell from our company, I asked my two office mates to come with me for some Ramen dinner.

Ramen X in Trinoma is a little tricky to find when you're not that familiar with the mall, even me who's a Trinoma Mall regular had a little 'ooppsie' moment finding this shop again. The store facade is adorned with a giant bold RAMEX X sign with the glass door also sporting a giant X. It's like X marks the spot for ramen lovers.

Facade Photo Courtesy of Ramen X on Facebook
As you enter, You will be greeted by the staff in ol' Japanese greeting. the interiors uses a warm colored lighting, they use a fusion of traditional and modern for their interior decors as well as the chairs and tables (some are made of wood, while some a metal), walls are adorned with Japanese anime-type sketches and mirrors to create a big roomy feel to the space.

Ramen X is a semi-fast food style restaurant, so you need to fall in line on the cashier to place and pay your order. The menu is placed in the center of the restaurant that also serves as additional lighting for the place. I think they made the menu that big so people passing by outside can see the prices and menu even from afar.

Ramen X serves different kinds of Ramen, from Soy based to Miso based soup. They also serve rice bowls toppings, all of these in large servings! Notice the price? yes! It's cheap! great for those on a tight budget craving for nicely done Ramen.

After placing our order, we we're given a number and waited for our foods to be served to us. :)

After a few minutes, our foods arrives. We're surprised that they served the foods fast! This is one point I always check whenever I eat somewhere, time efficiency -- this makes me return to a food place again and Ramex X is definitely in my 'will return soon' list. :)

This is what me and my friends ordered;

for starters, I ordered a single serving of their Fried Gyoza, the taste is just right with the soy sauce they served it with, I think its Japanese soy sauce because it tastes more fermented than normal pinoy soy sauce -- or is it just me and my imagination? haha

Fried Gyoza (4 Pieces) - 49 pesos
and now for the Ramen, Being the Korean Culture enthusiast that I am, I ordered one of their Ramen Specials -- Kimchi Ramen. The taste is just right, and the serving is really nice, although I was expecting a more spicy broth for this one, I also cannot seriously get a hint of Kimchi on my soup (unless I bit on one floating around my soup). But overall the taste is delightful.

Kimchi Ramen - 129 pesos
One of my friends ordered the Oishi Ramen, Also one of their Ramen Specials. It was like Ramen X's supreme bowl, packed with all the things that'll make your tummy go happy. :)

Oishi Ramen - 129 pesos
Lastly, the last Ramen bowl on our table is the Miso Ramen, Ramen in Light Miso based broth. It was heavenly and the broth is just right. definitely those who loves savoring their Ramen. This is one of their cheaper Ramen bowls on the menu.

Miso Ramen - 109 pesos
We paired our Ramen's with a nice cold glass of Red Iced tea (28 pesos/regular 42 pesos/large) and had a great time slurping away that evening. Check out my friend Janine enjoying her Miso Ramen.

The Verdict: The Location, Interiors and Menu are nice, the serving is big and can even be shared by two people (if their appetite is not that big), lots of chairs and tables with long ones for barkadas & families, fast service and friendly crew. Most of all the price is so affordable for those on a tight budget! This is one Ramen shop you gotta try!

A little bummer for me is the chopsticks they use, its made of plastic which makes getting those ramen noodles on my bowl hard because it constantly trolls me by slipping away, hope they offer wooden chopstick or something. haha

And because this is only a sudden detour, I only used my blackberry phone's camera to take the shots above, pardon for the not so hi-res and detailed photos. haha

Want to try it yourself? Below is Ramen X's details!
Happy Slurping!

Ramen X : Authentic Japanese Ramen
2nd Floor Trinoma Mall North Garden Area
North Triangle, EDSA corner North Avenue,
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Visit their website: Ramen X Official Website
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