Oishi made everyone say 'O, Wow!' at Trinoma!

Sunday, April 22, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

Last April 21, Trinoma was made into one "O, Wow!" surprise party as The snack for all ages - Oishi that has been with us throughout these years presents us with their latest promotional campaign through one surprise event for all mall goers!

The event kicked off 5pm at the Trinoma Activity Center with 3 giant mystery boxes that kept everyone in the venue curious to what or WHO is inside the 3 giant mystery boxes. While the event on going, fans are busy joining the games prepared by Oishi as well as freebies for everyone to enjoy.

After some fun interaction with the audience, the 3 boxes of surprise was revealed one by one. The First box contains no other than the lovely Julie Anne San Jose, followed by the band Callallily and finally the third box contained Oishi's newest brand ambassador, Elmo Magalona! Everyone at Trinoma was surprised to see these artists emerging from inside the giant Oishi O, Wow! Boxes.

Everyone present at the venue we're also treated to a surprise mini concert started by Julie Anne san Jose and Elmo Magalona, this was followed by a rockin' show by the Callalily band.

Lets look forward to more 'O, Wow!' goodness and surprises from Oishi!
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