The Axe Anarchy Girls Apologizes for the Censored Axe TVC!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

Manila, Philippines -- In a recent turn of events, The Axe Anarchy Girls apologizes for the Censored Axe TV Commercial that aired over the country this past few days which stirred too much curiosity among guys and also girls around the country. 

The Axe TV commercial featured scenes that are graphic in nature, this alone automatically made the rest of the TV commercial censored for public TV broadcast. Below is the Censored Axe Anarchy TV Commercial;

The boys of Magic 89.9's 'Boys' Night Out' wasn't very happy about what happened, as the TV commercial left them so 'bitin'. But, as a perfect apology on what happened to the Axe Anarchy TVC, Axe Girls were sent to Magic 89.9's station to surprise & give the boys of Boys Night Out one hell of a massage on a Manyak Monday broadcast, and this is what happened;

The Axe Anarchy Girls said that this is not the end and they will have more surprises under their sleeves soon that'll make Guys and Girls Unleash the Uncontrollable Attraction. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this report.

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