Techni-Ice, More Than Just A Cold Compress Pack

Thursday, May 31, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 4 Comments

Summer just ended and we how much fun it is lounging beside the beach, soaking in the sun for some good tan. And just like me, some who hit the beach had that little ‘boo-boo’ situation while relaxing, and I meant Sun Burns!
What I probably looked like when I got seriously sun burned a few years back
I experienced having a bad sun burn a few years back, I immediately got some cold drinks in can and just placed the cold can on my sun burned areas. Of course, it didn't relieved me that long as the summer heat took off the coldness of the can fast. I really wished I had known and have Techni-Ice that time, I'm sure that experience would be much better.

I imagined just putting some of those cooled bad boys on my sun burned skin just to relieve the pain. Also good during those really hot days when you just need something to cool you off, keeping perishable goods cool, Good for cooling drinks too! No hassle of Ice-Turned-To-Water situation here!
Techni-Ice is very convenient for different situations, but I really like like it in the summer time because it can really help people during those summer get-aways. Techni-Ice = Cool drinks + Cooled down people = Awesome Summer!

Here's what I'm planning to do with Techni-Ice next summer:

I love cooking, now I can prepare awesome dishes and place it in a container with heated up Techni-Ice. When we reach our destination, I can just unpack and serve hot meals! 
Serve Cold drinks even after hours of travelling under the summer sun with cooled Techni-Ice
And after a long day of enjoying soaking the summer sun, 
a nice cooled Techni-Ice is a great way to relieve some heat from the body.
Ofcourse it's not only in summer where you can utilize Techni-Ice to the fullest.
The Posibilities are endless with Techni-Ice around. :)

Wait, what is Techni-Ice?
Techni-Ice is a really great and handy product to have around. It can be used in different ways you can ever think of, from Foods to First Aid. It’s very flexible that you will be the one to run out of things to do with it! Promise! Check out some of the things you could use it for;
Hot and Cold compress to relieve stress after a long day at work
Great for cooling drinks during long trips!
First Aid reliever, especially for fever, No need to get wet cloth to cool the fever down
Great for handling perishable goods
Techni-Ice appears as flat sheets with dehydrated Polymer inside, so it’s very easy to bring along almost anywhere you can think of. It is very trusted when it comes to cooling things; it actually stays frozen as long as dry ice. It lasts 4-7 times longer than wet ice! And Aside from cooling it, you can actually heat it to become a nice heat compress pack or even insulation for those foods you want to keep warm.

Check out how easy it is to prepare Techni-Ice, It’s as easy as one-two-three and you’re good to go!

The best thing for me about Techni-Ice is that it replaces what ice can normally do minus the leaky and wet things normal ice packs do, it’s coldness also lasts longer than normal ice packs. It can also be a good replacement for dry Ice or Ice boxes because it can last for temperatures up to -80 degree Celsius. How literally cool is that!

Next summer, I know what I will ACTUALLY bring and pack first before my summer outfits;
it’s the Techni-Ice, because I know it’s more than just a compress pack!
I know I can actually enjoy summer and this view without any problems.

If you want to know more about Techni-Ice and how to get one,


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