Interchangeable Shoes? Then Zipz it from Multiply!

Saturday, June 23, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 2 Comments

If you know me personally, Yyou know I really love shoes. I love different brands, styles, and designs. But a few weeks ago, I discovered a new kind of shoes like I've never seen before. Intergangable shoes!

But first, Let me tell you where I got it. I got from, Yes, Online! recently made an overhaul to their site making it more 'shopper friendly' by adding security to our normal online shopping. Shopping now at Multiply is as easy as 1-2-3. :)

Step 1: Choose what you want to buy.

Step 2: Confirm your order.

Step 3: Pay your order. Then after a few days, it will be delivered right at your doorstep.

So now, going back to the shoes. I recently got a pair of these shoes from multiply and it arrived last week. Now, you're wondering why the late post, well I really need to try it out to review it thoroughly. And now let me introduce you to a nice innovation in shoes, ZIPZ.

ZIPZ are technically removable and interchangeable shoes. You can mix and match shoe covers with their soles to create a unique pair of Zipz Shoes. Zipz shoes are handmade to ensure comfort, quality, and reliability. It is invented and designed in California, USA. When I first opened my package containing this shoes, I was surprised to see another pair of covers which practically makes you own 2 pairs of shoes!

The ZIPZ shoes comes with an additional pair of white cover which you can use if you're cleaning up the other cover. You're wondering how can you change the cover, right? ZIPZ shoes has zippers on its side where you can ZIP your cover and change it. Neat-O!

I tried this on for a couple of days, strolling inside the mall for a couple of hours and it really felt comfortable even on the first try. I usually get bruises on the back part of my feet when I use new shoes, but this one didn't get me any of that. The soles are quite thick too, so it adds a little height if you're small like me. Here's what the shoes look like with different covers.

Overall, this is pair of shoes you'll want to add to your closet, it's fashionable and it's a great piece to have because you can mix and match the soles and covers to your desired style. I'm actually planning on painting the white cover soon so that I'll have my own personalized design.

Because of that, I'm giving ZIPS SHOES - 4.5 3D Glasses
while I'm giving's secure online shopping experience 4.5 3D Glasses also.

ZIPZ Shoes are recommended for those who wants to try on a new way of sporting those kicks. :)

To get your own pair of ZIPZ SHOES.
Visit's Outlet Store Website Here
They're having a nice sale on these kicks for as low as 735php!
for updates and promos.



  1. Perfect flat shoes... the
    style, the whtie color, everything. Absolutely love it!


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