The Tease is Over: Axe Anarchy’s Final List of 100 Sexy Cops Revealed!

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We know you're really drooling to know the list of those Sexy cops ready to chase after those 100 lucky guys at the Axe Anarchy Raid happening on June 9, 2012 at the Eastwood Mall.
Don't Fret! Because with only 3 Days left before the raid, The Tease is over.
Axe has finally revealed the final list of 100 Sexy Cops for the Anarchy Raid!

Temperatures reach an all-time high on the heels of the reveal of the final 100 sexy “policewomen” enlisted for the Axe Anarchy Raid. This year’s hottest cops-and-robbers game is on June 9 at Eastwood Mall with two million pesos at stake.
Perfect 10 bodies, luscious lips and gorgeous faces like Sam Pinto
can be yours to play with at the Axe Anarchy Raid. 
Prepare to be woman handled by porcelain-skinned 
goddess Bianca King at the Axe Anarchy Raid.

Get arrested by good girl gone bad Kylie Padilla at the Axe Anarchy Raid.

Enjoy being handcuffed by sexy celeb cop Sheena Halili at the Axe Anarchy Raid.
Headlining the sensationally sinful activity are the 30 of the country’s hottest celebs: FHM Sexiest Woman in 2011 Sam Pinto, sultry and statuesque host-actress Megan Young, enchanting vixen Kylie Padilla, ravishing beauty Sarah Lahbati, cyber seductress Ellen Adarna, screen siren Bianca King, foxy YouTube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak and drop-dead gorgeous beauty queen Gwendoline Ruais. Other starlets completing the stunning batch are Sheena Halili, Ryza Cenon, Gwen Zamora, Stef Prescott, Stephanie Henares, Chariz Solomon, Vaness del Moral, Princess Snell, Diva Montelaba, Chloe McCulley, Lou Sison, Bangs Garcia, Iwa Moto, Nina Jose, Regine Angeles, Karen Bordador, Andi Manzano, Jinri Park, Karel Marquez, Jacqueline Yu, Lauren Young and Nadine Samonte.
Japanese hottie Iwa Moto is also ready to handcuff naughty naughty guys
The 100 male participants AKA “the robbers” are indeed lucky as more it girls, covergirls and models round out the remaining 70 cops, ensuring the Axe Anarchy Raid’s rank as the most explosive happening yet in the metro. With a continuous flow of sex symbols thanks to sensually stationed wardens and a stimulating performance from the Mocha Girls, who’s to argue?

Experience the new order of insatiable attraction now by checking it out online! 
with the hashtag #AxeAnarchyManila.

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