Manila Social Media Day 2012: A night of Talk, Milk Tea and Fun!

Thursday, July 05, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 2 Comments

It was a rainy Saturday evening last June 30th when I arrived at Tea 101, Taiwan's No.1 Drink at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. As I enter the venue, I saw a lot of people already chatting away on their own little corner in the Tea shop. I tried to look around to see a familiar face and saw the guy who made this event happened, King del Rosario. I approached him to greet and got my name tag which actually doubles as my unlimited milk tea pass.

Manila Social Media day was just pegged as a small gathering but turned out to be one big event with the help of everyone. I was an impromptu volunteer organizer as well, asked King when and how on earth did I end up being one for this event. But yes, I do not regret any. The event was one event I know would become a yearly affair. :)

The event started around 8pm with a jam packed room full of bloggers, twitterazzi's, social media personalities & enthusiasts. A prayer was led by Nash Frias before the formal program.

Opening remarks was done by King del Rosario with a very quick, witty, and informative speech which basically rounds up that Social Media is for everyone and that everyone should be united 100% using the power of Social Media.

The opening remarks was followed by a quick word from Flawless Face & Body Clinic's Business Manager Mr. Drew Mendoza (Not, In way connected to me, We just share the same surname haha) who really emphasized the role of social media in bringing personalized service & support to their customers.

This was followed by a talk by acclaimed Director, Direk Joey Reyes who shared a very insightful thought about Social Media and how it shapes up our personality online and how the word "Friend"  became so cheap in the social media word. He also shared his thoughts about online bashers and hecklers. In the end of the speech, Direk Joey emphasized that any (friendly or romantic) relationship you had online are nothing if haven't met the person face-to-face.

A game of human bingo plus raffles were done where goodies from our sponsors are given that night. Overall, Manila Social Media Day 2012 was a success, the overwhelming amount of people who came was really beyond everyone's expectations. It really proves that Social Media is a powerful tool that people must use for the good. I'm looking forward to next year's Manila Social Media Day!

Here is my short video highlight of the Manila Social Media Day 2012

Special thanks to the following sponsors for generously supporting the
Manila Social Media Day 2012, We hope to see you again next Year! :)

Flawless Face & Body Clinic
Smart Communications Inc.
The Genuine Thermos Brand
Wild Ones Tattoo
Dentiste Toothpaste


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