MyMusicStore's "Can't Stop My Music" Viral Video Competition wants you!

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I remember back in my college years we are always asked to create video outputs for our classes, I'm a Broadcast Communication graduate so projects like this are normal for us. It's just kinda sad that my batch is the last batch before the boom of modern social media tools - like youtube and stuff which makes sharing of outputs very fast and convenient. 

We have seen the likes of Charice Pempenco, Petra Mahalimuyak, and other artists getting recognized because of their 'viral videos' seen and shared online by individual users. Now, everyone can just create their own videos, upload it online, and go viral with just a few clicks. Now why am I talking about this? It's because MyMusicStore is doing a competition which aims YOU to create a viral video!

Philippines’ biggest music portal invites college students to make their own viral video for a chance to win as much as P50,000 and become the next YouTube sensation!

Here is the most awaited chance of college and university students to become the next YouTube star, and advocate something truly important for them – the music they love.

Since opened its doors last January, it received tremendous support from the music industry. The company believes, however, that the key to positive change in the industry is the youth. In line with this vision, they are launching the “Can’t Stop My Music” viral video competition, designed to wake up the little rock star present inside the young people.

Participants of the competition can create 30 to 120-second videos exploring these themes:

Music is my life.  
One day I will rock this world. 
A world without my music. 

Their videos should have a potential to go viral, with the number of likes and views considered a category of judging.  First place winner will get P50,000, second place will get P25,000, and third place will get P10,000. P15,000 will be given to the “fan favorite” video that gets the most number of votes in the MyMusicStore microsite: Winning videos will also be posted in the MyMusicStore website and social media accounts, and shown in the MyMusicStore event in November.

MyMusicStore hopes that this will be a movement to tell the world that the youth holds the beat to the future, and that the music lives on through their support.

For more information about this competition, go to
Should you have any questions, please contact MyMusicStore's operations officer, Ms. Ernica de Guzman at +639178453705 or at ernica[at]

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