SiHae and Bench takes Manila by storm!

Saturday, August 18, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 5 Comments

[Warning: Photo heavy post]

After months of anticipation, Bench Clothing finally brought Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae to Manila for a one-day-only fan meet & launch. A few months ago, I posted updates about Siwon & Donghae, two of the thirteen (fifteen if you add Henry & Zhoumi) member idol group Super Junior signing an endorsement contract with the Philippines largest clothing company Bench of Suyen Corporation. You can read the past blog posts about SiHae x Bench - here, here, and here.

The Launch event dubbed as "Bench presents: SiHae in Manila" happened last August 15, 2012 at the Trinoma activity center. 700 lucky fans who bought items at participating Bench Clothing stores got the chance to be up close with the two Kpop stars, I was lucky to be part of that 700 winners who gained entry to the exclusive event.

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Arriving at the venue at around noon, Trinoma was already packed with screaming (yes, already screaming) fans, singing to every Super Junior song played complete with fan chants. I made my way to the winners entrance where the queue was pretty long already, upon entering, we were asked to pick a paper from the bowl, and I got this:

This 벤치 (Benchi) stub was actually 1 of the 15 lucky stubs out of the 700 who'll get a surprise and a special area at the event, more about it later. As the 5pm drew nearer, I noticed the crowd got thicker, I have been to other events done at Trinoma, but seriously, this is the first time I saw a crowd turn out as big as this one.

The event started at around 5pm with a little raffle done by host Jinri Park. There are a total of 20 raffle winners, half of which will get signed posters, while the other half gets to bring home signed Bench shirts.

After the raffle are the two person the fans has been waiting for - Siwon and Donghae! They came out and the whole venue just went bezerk, you can literally cannot hear a thing aside from the endless screams when the two new Bench models came out on stage and greeted everyone with a big surprise on their face.

The two idol group members greeted everyone politely, and the short interview started. Simple questions such as what are their favorite colors, how do they feel about now belonging to the Bench family, and what do they do on their free time was asked during the interview. The two boys also got to show off the little tagalog words they learned during their short stay in the country, Siwon said: "Philippines maganda (Beautiful)" while Donghae blurted "Mamimiss ko kayo, Mahal ko kayo! (I will miss you all, I love you all!)"

Now, I showed the lucky stub earlier in this article, and together with the raffle winners, Siwon and Donghae personally gave us our posters and some their shirts, while the rest got an awesome photo opportunity with the hallyu stars on stage. Special thanks to my friend Stevien who captured my stage time with SiHae.

and finally, here's the signed posted Bench and SiHae gave to us lucky stub holders. Just so you know, I'll have this one framed so that it'll last long. ;)

After this successful Launching event, what will Bench present next?
Let's look forward to more surprises slated by Bench Clothing,
 and let's greet them especially Mr. Ben Chan a warm congratulations for another successful event.

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