The Philippine Kpop Cover Dance Fest 2012

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Korean pop or Kpop in the Philippines has been existent for almost a decade now, originating for the country of Kimchi ~ South Korea. Kpop has definitely became more of a sub-culture than a trend with massive influx of fans coming on different Korean pop events organized in the Metro left and right. I myself is a known Kpop enthusiast since college, just ask my friends how 'addicted' I am listening to songs that I don't really understand but tries to sing along with. To cut the story short, Kpop is here, and is here to stay more for the next few years.

Last Sunday September 16th, I was invited to be one of the judges of this year's Philippine Kpop Cover Dance Festival at the SM Megamall cinema 10 by the producer of the largest Kpop gatherings in the Philippines - KFEST Manila Events Management or better known in the Korean pop scene as Kpop and Culture Fest. (Please bear with me, as all the photos in the post are from my GalaxyTab only)

Just by looking at the fans lining up at the venue when I arrive, you'll really wonder why these kids are patiently waiting since the mall opened at 10am that day. The venue entrance is lined with Kpop merchandise booths selling everything a fan needs to keep his or her fandom flowing.

The Philippines Kpop Cover Dance Fest is the annual event organized by KFest Manila Event Management, it is one of the several annual events the events company are organizing yearly for the Kpop cover groups.

Okay, so here's the deal, Kpop fandom has lots of jargons which those who are not acquainted to Kpop will be lost. A Kpop cover group is technically a group of fans copying their idol group either through dancing, fashion, or singing, the most common type of cover groups are Dance cover groups which copies dance routines from their idol groups' music video and also their fashion.

Going back to the event, after arriving in the afternoon, all of us judges were seated in front and got ready for the 67, yes, 67 cover groups that we judged that afternoon.

Groups after group, they each presented their performances which we all know are a product of hard work, long hours of rehearsal and money to put off a great show that afternoon. Cover groups of F(x), 2ne1, Shinee, Super Junior, Afterschool, Nuest, and MBLAQ to name a few, showed off their great dance routines on stage in front of the roaring crowd.

8 hours later, all of us judges has finally submitted our scores for all the groups who performed that day, its was a long but fun day for everyone including us! In the end, the group Twenty11 which covers the Kpop girl group 2NE1 emerged as the top scorer and bagged the grand prize of the competition. Twenty11 is composed of four members representing the four members of 2NE1 - Sandara, CL, Minzy and Park Bom.

Thank you so much again to KFest Manila Events Management especially to JP for giving me the honor to judge this wonderful event for the second time. It was really a great experience for me to judge all those talented kids!

Competition judges with the winning group - Twenty11
Nice meeting my co-judges today Ms.Karla Carreon, KPOP World Festival 2011 Grand Champion for the Vocal Category and the siblings behind Seoulsisters Korean Foods, which I will be blogging their foods really soon! ;)

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