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A few days ago, I posted on my blogs Facebook page that I will be starting a mini series about cupcakes in the metro. As a guy living in Quezon City, I know a chock-full of cupcake places sprouting left and right in the city, so for this series, I'm going to concentrate first on cupcake places in North Quezon City and will eventually go beyond the City.

First on our plate is Blushing Cupcakes Cafe, according to their Facebook page - Blushing Cupcakes was established in November 2006 as a home business catering to friends and referrals only. Then named Happy Cupcakes, the business' clientele started to grow as it distributed cupcakes to different offices, schools and bazaars. On November of 2007, just after a year when it started, the business expanded to set up its first branch in Libis, Quezon City. It was renamed to Blushing Cupcakes. Now, more people get to enjoy these delicious cupcakes!

I recently visited a branch at SM City North EDSA, it was tucked in one of the green tunnels at the Skygarden, right next to the Skydome. The place was quite small but enticing as there are cakes & cookies lined up outside waiting for you to look and crave for.

The interiors of the small cafe was quite nice and relaxed, I actually like the fact that once you enter the cafe, the noise from the outside will not be heard, instead you'll be hear soft music which definitely sets the mood for some cupcake plus coffee. The lighting is a little dimmed, perfect for setting the relaxed and laid back mood.

On with the cupcakes. I went to the store a little late (by late I mean before closing time), so I actually have not much choices because most of the cupcakes are sold out already. The cupcakes are placed with readable names and prices, the cupcakes are quite affordable around 33php is the cheapest one, most of the cupcakes are priced at 33php+ while the premium ones are around 50php+.

I ordered four cupcakes to try and made it to-go, I got a red velvet (39php), cappuccino (36php), chocolate sundae (39php), and blueberry (39php). It was nice that it was placed in a nice secured box where the cupcake are placed snugly so that the designs will not be ruined. 

Now for the taste, the cupcakes offered by Blushing Cupcakes Cafe is heavenly, you'll notice of the photos below that the red velvet is missing -- it's because I ate it before I could shoot it. The moist cupcakes are perfect when eaten together with the cream. It was pure happiness that this actually costs less than 40php each! So here are more photos for you to drool;

For the location, interiors, products, and taste, I'm giving Blushing Cupcakes Cafe a nice 4.5 Glasses!

Blushing Cupcakes Cafe currently has two branches;
1. Club 650 Libis, beside Shopwise (Main Branch)
2. Sky Garden, SM North Edsa (Near Sky Dome)

That's it for the first leg of my cupcakes series! Watch out for my next stop coming really soon! For now, why don't you discover your own cupcakes place and let me know on the comment box below! :)

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