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It amazes me every time I discover a new place for food lovers to visit in the Metro, I was lucky enough to discover a new foodie group named The Burp Society. Early December, we finally met on our first meet up, and we were treated to a wonderful foodie discovery.

Tucked away in the El Pueblo food strip in Ortigas Center lies a posh cafe in a white building named Cafe 1771. Part of the Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants, Cafe 1771 is comprised of 3 areas, The Whimsy and The Lounge for dining, while the third one - Winebar 1771, is located on the second floor.

The interiors of Cafe 1771 plays a nice contrast between the the two areas. The Whimsy offers a more bright and colorful interiors (sorry, I was late and didn't got the chance to take a decent photo of the place. TEEHEE.) with decorative plates that accents the brightly colored walls. This area is for those who wants a more casual approach to dining, it's also the area where you can get pastries to go.

While the Lounge offers a more intimate atmosphere, it actually feels like a nice library where one can sit down on the lovely couches, read a book while enjoying a nice afternoon tea. The wall accents makes this area a cozy place for dinner with friends.

Now on with the foods. Cafe 1771 offers a wide array of choices from their menu. We were seated in The Lounge area where they set up a nice long table for all of us from The Burp Society can fit and enjoy the dishes they served.

For starters, they served us Fried Squash Flowers (280php), it was squash flowers stuffed with kesong puti and anchovies then deep fried to golden perfection, it was then served with green salad.

After trying this out, I gotta say this was automatically my favorite dish of the night. The crispy exterior matched with the delicious stuffing and salad creates a melody of taste in my mouth. I just love it!

Served next is Cafe 1771's Oyster Rockefeller (8 pieces for 550php), unfortunately I'm allergic to oysters so I didn't got the chance to taste this dish, but I heard from the other foodies I'm with that this tastes really good.

Cafe 1771 also served us their Salbacho Pizza (450php), the name is actually a play of words from what the pizza toppings are - Salami, Bacon, and Chorizo. The thin crust and the mozzarella cheese really goes well with everything. I really love this one too since I'm a pizza lover.

I'm a sucker for anything meat with sauce, Cafe 1771's Orange Pork Spareribs (450php), pork spareribs simmered to the citrusy sauce creates a delicious tender dish.

Next is The Winebar Burger (495php) which is served exclusively for Winebar 1771, but they served it to us to try. This one can make you say 'woah' just by looking at it, 200 grams of pure Angus beef paired with a serving of bone marrow! I actually tried a quarter and I can't even finish it, it's that big, it's a little salty because technically this is supposed to be eaten with a glass of wine.

Two chicken dishes was also served to us, the Cafe 1771 Organic Chicken in Potato Crust (560php), it's organic chicken baked and covered with a hefty amount of fried potato chips. I will admit that I ate a lot of this dish because it is that good!

The other chicken dish served is the Spicy Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese Dip (380php). I was actually hoping for a spicy taste because of the name, but this one is on the sweet side (or am I just used to super spicy Korean foods?), but overall it was a nice version of the famous Buffalo Wings.

After trying the nice dishes Cafe 1771, we were thrilled when they served the desserts. Believe me, everyone just became quiet and started clicking away to the lovely looking desserts they served us. 

Leading the pack of desserts is the Amandelle (300php), it was a delicate creamy chocolate mousse with an orange cream inside. The sweet creamy chocolate goes well with the citrus taste of the cream inside.

Rose Noire (250php) is another delicate chocolate mousse with lovely hints of other flavors all having a good time in my tongue. This is my second pick next to my favorite dessert of the night, Amandelle.

Next on the desserts list if the Valrhona Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake (250php), a mouthful of words for this good looking dessert. It was a mix of different textures in each bite, definitely a must try too when you visit Cafe 1771.

Last are little delicate goodies we all love, Macarons (40php), this one got the right sweetness which I like. I can see my self enjoying these while sipping a nice cup of coffee or tea. Yum!

Overall, Cafe 1771 is one of those places you can go with friends or family if you're looking for a unique & intimate dining experience. I forgot to tell you, all the foods they served are good for sharing!

I will be giving Cafe 1771 a nice 4.5 glasses for accessible location, nice interiors, and delicious foods!

If you're planning to visit Cafe 1771, here's their complete address, they are open seven days of the week, refer to schedule below and follow them on their social media pages! :)

Cafe 1771
El Pueblo, ADB Avenue,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Cafe 1771:
Mondays to Saturdays: 7:00am to 10:00pm
Sundays: 7:00am to 3:00pm

Winebar at Cafe 1771:
Mondays to Saturdays: 6:00pm to 11:00pm

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