PSY Rocks Manila Like They Never Gangnam Styled before!

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It was the Valentines week when I found myself falling in line in front of the Mall of Asia Arena with my mom. The Mall of Asia Arena was generous enough to give away some tickets, and I was lucky enough to snag a pair -- err, I have to do the Gangnam Style dance actually, also pardon me for this very late post.

Despite moving of the concert date from December 2012 to February 2013, as well as the change of venue from the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds to the Mall of Asia Arena, the concert dubbed as "PSY Gangnam Style Live in Manila" was still flocked by Pinoys and foreign fans eager to see the man behind the smash hit of 2012.

The event opens with a DJ pumping up the crowd while they enter the venue, first performer of the night is the Philippines' Comedy Concert Queen - Ai-Ai de las Alas doing her version of Madonna's Superbowl entrance complete with her golden wardrobe.

The crowd burst in more laughter when Ai-Ai started calling out people from the crowd to the stage for her impromptu comedy skits, foreign fans are not safe too as Ai-Ai carefully checked out the crowd for potential 'victims' in her funny skit.

Dimmed lights and the familiar 'evil' laugh, this opened Jose and Wally's part of the concert. The comedic duo emerged to the stage and greeted everyone with their version of 'Annyeong Haseyo' or Hello in Korean. The duo performed lively songs complete with beautiful back up dancers, comedic skits were also done throughout their performance poking naughty punchlines in between.

A man in white emerged from the stage a few minutes after Jose and Wally's performance ended, the crowd goes wild when the lights went on and on stage stood the Korean performer behind Gangnam Style - PSY! PSY performed lively performances from his other singles, but halted half way through the show to ask the crowd to get up from their seats and party with him "The PSY way".

Before performing his last song, he mentioned that his new single will be out on April 2013 and he asked for full support just like what people did in his Gangnam Style album, he then cued his last song of the night. He gave a full performance of his hit song and the audience asked for an encore, but PSY requested everyone to put down their cameras and tablets to enjoy the last song fully.

The show ended with a loud cheer from the audience while PSY thanked everyone and remembered to keep supporting him just like the people did did with Gangnam Style. PSY's newest single will debut on April 2013 during a concert in Korea titled "Happening" which will also be streamed live on Youtube worldwide.

"PSY Gangnam Style Live in Manila" was presented by That's N'tertainment, MMI, and Ovation Productions. Special thanks to the Mall of Asia Arena for letting us witness this awesome event, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for exciting promos!


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