King Katsu: King of Budget Japanese Foods

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As much as I love Korean Food, I also adore Japanese food. Last Friday the 13th, I discovered a new place to satisfy my Japanese foods craving at prices that wouldn't really burn a hole in my pocket.

Tucked away in one of the tunnels of the urban oasis called the Sky Garden is where you'll find King Katsu, a small restaurant that just recently opened at the SM City North EDSA. This place can seat up to 30 people and offers some surprisingly good & affordable Japanese foods!

We had a little chat with Mr. Miguel Teotico, the Marketing and Operation Manager of King Katsu and we actually found out that King Katsu is actually not a new player in the food industry as the brains behind this Japanese restaurant is the same brain behind Big Better Burgers

Once you enter King Katsu, you'll be greeted with their staff in old fashioned Japanese greeting. The interiors play a nice mix of warm yellow light, wood wall accents, and mirrors to give a bigger space illusion.

As for the food selection, King Katsu offers wide selection of Japanese foods like Tonkatsu, Katsudon, Katsu Curry, and even Yakitori. Their soup is not just plain soup, it's miso soup cooked with tofu and kelp, a nice appetizer before they serve the food you ordered.

Their price range - 59php to 249php, which is quite affordable considering that their Tonkatsu, Curry, and Katsudon all comes with miso soup and unlimited serving of rice, plus the servings here are quite big for its price.

Left Column: Pork Tonkatsu (149 / 169), Pork Katsudon (149), Chicken Tonkatsu (152)
Right Column: Chicken Katsudon (152), Pork Katsu Curry (152), Chicken Katsu Curry (155)
I personally love the Pork Tonkatsu, Katsudon, and Katsu Curry sets, I find the pork variant more flavorful compared to the chicken counterpart, although I know some prefer the more subtle taste of chicken. The Katsu Curry sauce is not spicy as you expect it to be, you can always ask for some chili powder if you prefer more heat in your curry.

Their Katsudon is served the traditional way, with raw egg on top then poured with the Katsudon broth with onions and shitake mushrooms, this dish gives off a more sweet taste because of the broth, but don't be deceived, it's actually quite heavy on the tummy just like their other food offering.

Oh, I almost forgot, they even have this little bowl where you need to grind your black & white sesame seeds for your Tonkatsu sauce. It really reminds me of another certain restaurant that also has a thing like this before they serve the food. ;)

I fell in love with King Katsu right away because of its great food choices and affordable price. I now have a new place to satisfy my Japanese food cravings at SM City North EDSA, even if I'm on a tight budget.

King Katsu
Sky Garden, SM City North EDSA (Annex side)
Store Hours: Mall hours with extended store hours up to 12mn

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