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It's summer and it's the best time to experiment in the kitchen! As much as I love eating, I love cooking delicious dishes for my family. My mom and brother loves trying out the new dishes (and sometimes experiment dishes) I churn out of our kitchen, you can say that I'm a frustrated chef. If I didn't took up Broadcast Communication, I might be cooking in a restaurant now after taking up culinary arts.

I recently came up with a quick new dish that you can definitely try at home, and I promise that this will only take you around 20 to 30 minutes to prepare. It's my version of the classic Orange Chicken made special with San Miguel Pure Foods products!

Video and complete recipe of my dish, after the jump!

Here are the complete ingredients of my ORANGE PUREFOODS FUNSTUFF NUGGETS recipe;

Purefoods Funstuff Nuggets
Magnolia Star Margarine
1 White Onions, Roughly Chopped
4 Cloves Garlic, Minced
2 Bell Pepper, seeds removed and roughly chopped
Spring Onion, minced
Cornstarch dissolved in water
Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste


- Deep fry Purefoods Funstuff Nuggets, set aside
- In a pan, put 2 tbsp. Magnolia Star Margarine
- Sauté garlic, onions, and bell peppers until soft
- Add soy sauce, vinegar, and orange juice. Simmer for 5 minutes
- Add cornstarch dissolved in water and sugar. Simmer for 3 minutes
- Add salt & pepper to taste and simmer until sauce is thick
- Finally add orange wedges and turn off heat
- On a plate, place fried Purefoods Funstuff Nuggets and pour sauce over
- Serve and enjoy!

I created this simple recipe because it is perfect for the summer season with the addition of the fresh orange wedges. The taste plays the marriage of sweet, salty, and sour that is perfect with the crunch exterior of the chicken nuggets. It is perfect with a serving of hot steamed rice and iced coffee to wash it all down. Great for barkada food trips before school returns.

To give you a more detailed look on this recipe, here's my #MyGreatFoodin15Seconds video:

I know you're surprised that I used Purefoods Funstuff Nuggets on my recipe, but trust me, it'll taste more special with the crunch in each bite. The Magnolia Star Margarine I used to sauté the sauce makes all the ingredients pop out even more! ;)


If this recipe isn't enough for you, San Miguel Pure Foods has an awesome website for foodies like me. It is called My Great Food, it is like a social media site for food lovers to share their recipes and to get quick & easy recipes.

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