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Wednesday, December 10, 2014 Alexis Mendoza 4 Comments

I recently had a wave of impulse buying from different online sites local & international just in time for the holidays and one of them is TCAT Philippines. I've known this website for a few years now since it was launched - I actually won some shopping voucher from them after being one of the first to sign-up on their website.

Before doing this review, I already made a couple of purchases before and it's just now that I decided to do a review about this deal site since a lot of people are asking me to do one. Complete review after the jump.

TCAT (pronounced as TICKET) offers what other daily deals site offers - products, services, travel, and food. Just to let you know, I never tried availing their service vouchers or travel deals yet. As mentioned earlier, I already tried buying from this site before and both are delivered fast.

I recently bought a couple of items just to see if their service is still good like my past purchases. I browsed their site and ordered a couple of Boys Night Out undies for 149php each and a pair of insoles  for 99php (yes, I'm small like that lol).

I placed my order last November 25th and paid via Paypal. Their payment system are really convenient, you can pay via Credit Card, 7-11 Connect, Over-the-counter bank payment, and Paypal. For deliveries within Metro Manila, you need to pay an additional 55php while for Provincial orders, you need to shell out an additional 100php.

Here's a handy tip I discovered. If you're planning to buy multiple items, look for products with the truck icon, this means they have stocks of the item in their warehouse and you'll get it fast. Also, when you order multiple items with the truck icon, you'll get a one time delivery fee for all the items!

If you're going to buy items without the truck icon, it might take a longer time for your orders to be delivered since they need to get it from the suppliers, consolidate it in their warehouse and finally send it over to you via courier - I already experienced this with my order before and it arrived after 6 days. If you're okay with the waiting time for the non-truck icon items, then you'll love this.

Back to my order. After paying for the item, TCAT immediately approved my payment and marked my orders as paid. A couple of days passed and my orders finally arrived last November 27th. That's just 2 days after I placed my orders, it's definitely fast and convenient! Here are the items I ordered when it arrived.

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Overall, TCAT delivers fast and sends item as described in their website. The truck icon items are a steal if you're buying different items because you'll only have to pay once for the shipping. The one thing that I think needs improvement are their offers, I notice they don't regularly add new offers.

Got a TCAT experience you would love to share? Share it in the comments below! :)

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  1. I bought mymi wonder patch for belly from TCAT on nov 18, 2014, i tried it on dec 22,2014. on 2nd day i got burnt skin, rashes, itchiness and rough skin. after did some goole searching. just found out TCAT selling FAKE products. I am asking for return goods and refund. they said only allowed within 7 days after purchasing. what a scam. selling fake n harming customer.

    1. Oh no! That sounds terrible. :( Hope you got in touch with TCAT about it since the product came from them.

      - Alexbam

  2. its good thing i research 1st about this online store and feedback are all negative. sayang may gusto pa naman akong items sa kanila

  3. Thanks for this brief review on TCAT. I just ordered baby wipes and Ikea food containers at a good deal as they are on COD basis and got 5% off, too! All of the items that I ordered also got the truck icons. Hope they are legit.
    Have a great night!


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