An Unexpected Delicious Treat: 8 Street Bites

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I enjoy eating and I enjoy it even more when I discover new places to eat around my area. Recently I've been exploring for a new place to eat in SM City North EDSA, which is just a short walk from my place and my hungry tummy lead me to Sky Garden's newest restaurant called 8 Street Bites.

Located at the Sky Garden, 8 Street Bites is a new restaurant that serves American style comfort food such as burgers, fries, and shakes. Their exterior is simple yet refreshing and has that young vibe look while the interiors are filled with notes from customers and street signage decals that goes very will with their name.

We decided to give them a try after checking out their menu posted outside their restaurant, which is by the way really enticing as they included photos for each item on their menu!

It was late Saturday afternoon and there are a few empty tables when we arrived but the place is getting full as we arrived. We decided to sit at the far end of the restaurant and their servers immediately gave us their menu for us to check out. 8 Street Bites is a semi self-service (if there's such a thing. lol) place as customers need to go to the counter to place their order.

We decided with our orders and I went to the counter to order & pay. By the way, aside from burgers, fries, and shakes, they also serve soups, rice meals, pasta, assorted barbecue meals, and desserts. Their food items are quite affordable with price ranging from around P50 to P300.

After placing my order, I asked for their free Wi-Fi password and went back to my table, I have to say their internet connection is really fast and will help you take your mind away from waiting for the food to arrive.

Our orders are served one by one after around 10 minutes, which is great for those who are already hungry. We order a couple of their Share-A-Bite items, a pasta from their Pasta Lane, a couple of drinks.

Cheese Nachos, P88
Cheesy Cheese Fries, P78
We first tried their Cheesy Cheese Fries and Cheesy Nachos with Salsa Dip. The fries are quite okay and the serving is generous, although I wanted it more cheesy as they just light dusted the fries with cheese powder, as for the Nacho, it was good but again it's not that cheesy. Both are still good despite that though.

Tomato, Mushroom, n' Basil Pasta, P98
We were surprised that their Tomato, Mushroom, n' Basil Pasta is just P98! The serving is just right and the paste was topped with some shredded nachos which added an extra texture to the dish. It was definitely delicious and flavorful. I love it!

Lastly, we tried their best seller, Frostea which is just Frozen Iced Tea (think slurpee), it was good and gave me a good amount of brain freeze after accidentally slurping too much for a couple of times. The most memorable item on the things we ordered is their Salted Oreo Milk Shake! It has the right mix of saltiness, creaminess, and sweetness which hits the spot after munch on those salty treats.

Frostea (Frozen Iced Tea), P48 and Salted Oreo Milk Shake, P78

Overall, our first 8 Street Bites experience is delicious and we'll definitely return again to try their burgers and BBQ's! We recommend this place for couples or barkadas as their food are great for sharing.

8 Street Bites is located at SM City North EDSA Sky Garden near SM Annex. They also have a branch in Manila at SM City Manila, 4th Level. They are both operating during mall hours and also accept take-away for people on the go.

Disclosure: This review was done independently and is not any way sponsored by 8 Street Bites

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