Chickilicious - Reinventing Chicken the XXL Way

Sunday, January 31, 2016 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

In search of new food places to try, we recently discovered a restaurant that just opened last November at SM City North EDSA called Chickilicious. We decided to give this new place a try and see what they have to offer.

According to their Facebook page, Chikilicious is a restaurant concept franchised from Taiwan. Chickilicious has branches in different countries such as Malaysia, China, Cambodia, Japan, and Australia to name a few.

We visited their SM City North EDSA branch located at the Upper Ground Floor of The Annex Building. The store is located in the far end of the mall together with other new restaurants. 

A menu board is posted outside as well as inside for people to quickly choose what they will get, their place is also well lit and adorned with bright colors that gets you in the mood to eat. 

They have 7 kinds of chickens to choose from and some of which you need to choose a flavor. We decided to get their Golden Fried Chicken and picked their Lime Pepper Salt flavor, we also got their Pizza Chickilicious paired with their Taiwan Ultra Lemon Juice and lastly, we got a serving of their Baked Cheese French Fries.

After waiting for around 10 to 15 minutes, our orders arrived and we we're surprised on how big their chickens are. They are not kidding when they said their chickens as XXL, it's almost the same size as my face!

Golden Fried Chicken with Lime Pepper Salt Flavor (125php) 
Pizza Chickilicious (150php)
Baked Cheese French Fries (80php)

Of course, the real basis is how does it taste? I personally love the Golden Fried Chicken paired with their Line Pepper Salt flavor, the tangy with pepper-y taste is really delicious. Their Pizza Chickilicious on the other hand needs improvement when it comes to looking like a legit pizza because right now, it just looks like a Golden Fried Chicken with a tiny amount of cheese on top.

One thing I love about Chickilicious' enormous fried chicken is how big they are without compromising the meat. Some restaurant just pound their chicken until they are thin to make them look big. Chickilicious' chicken has thick meat that doesn't look like it was pounded so much just to be big!

Overall, Chickilicious is a place I would gladly return to if I'm craving for extra large amounts of fried chicken. I also want to return soon and try their Choco Demon Chickilicious which looks like a piece of their Golden Fried Chicken drizzled with chocolate syrup, I want to taste how the combination works.

If you want to visit them and they their ginormous chicken servings, below is their complete address;

Chickilicious - SM City North EDSA
Upper Ground Floor, SM City North EDSA - The Annex
Store Hours:  Monday - Sunday, During Mall Hours

Chickilicious - Sea Residences
Sea Residences, Pasay City
Store Hours: Monday - Sunday, 10am - 10pm

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