New Favorite Snack: Gold Stack Honey Butter Potato Chips!

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Recently, there was a craze in South Korea about a certain kind of potato chip snack that is not even advertised. Even KPOP stars are talking about it on social which made it even more hard to find in stores there and some resorted to reselling these chips online for almost $100 when it started becoming a trend!

So what's the fuzz with Honey Butter Chips that made Koreans crave so much for it? Well now you'll never have to wonder because you can enjoy these delicious chips without breaking your piggy bank with Gold Stack Honey Butter Potato Chips!

I recently discovered about Gold Stack Honey Butter Chips when I attended my first Blogapalooza: Horizons event where luckily, Gold Stack is one of the participants of the event and I managed to get a can of their chips by playing a simple game - it involves toppling down 6 cans of Gold Stack Honey Butter with just a balloon. More about Blogapalooza: Horizons here.

Now back to the chips, I admit that I love potato chips to the point that I even cook a batch from raw potatoes at home. Upon opening the can, you can already smell that sweet smell of butter and honey that's inviting you to just dig in.

Their chips are definitely thicker than the local chips we have in the market which makes the experience of eating it more enjoyable. As for the taste, it definitely packs a punch in terms of flavor as you can really taste the butter and honey taste without being too sweet.

Being used to the regularly salty taste of normal chips that we buy in the market, the taste might surprise you but it's definitely a great twist to our normal salty potato chips. I think this goes very well with some beer or even wine. We downed a whole tube of these stuff in just a few minutes, that's how good these chips are.

What's good about Gold Stack's honey Butter Chips is that it's 0% Transfat, 0% Cholesterol, and No Preservatives which makes it's guilt-free! We're pretty sure this will be the newest craze here in the Philippines just like in Korea.

So Where Can I Get My Gold Stack Honey Butter Chips?

Unlike in Korea, you don't have to shove your way through a thick crowd, buy online at much higher price, or even download an app to find where these Honey Butter Chips are available. You can conveniently get your Gold Stack Honey Butter Potato Chips on the stores in this link: Click Here

No branches near your area? Have them shipped! You may purchase online by filling up the form on this link or by getting in touch with Honey Stack via Viber / SMS, their number is 09178660912 .

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