The Dilemma of Choosing The Perfect Home Entertainment Companion for the Modern Family

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Unlike normal home appliances that get worn out fast, Televisions are not regularly replaced in typical Pinoy homes. We tend to get attached to it and use it for years until it breaks down, but once the time comes for you to replace your beloved TV you'll end up with a question - What TV do I get?

Step into a typical Filipino home and you'll find that the TV is the main focal point of the house. For instance, the living room is set up in a way that the sofa faces the entertainment system. Pinoys can't help it because we love our telenovelas and movies.

Because I work at home, I usually have the TV on for more than 8 hours a day, it keeps me entertained and at the same time gives me that quick break when workload piles up. I haven't upgraded my entertainment system in a while and still using the 42" Sony Bravia TV that I bought a few years ago, it still works flawlessly but it's not a smart TV so I tend to just connect my laptop via HDMI when the need occurs.

Now back to the question, when the time comes that you need an upgrade on your home TV, how will you decide what to get for the family? I've been checking out the latest ones in the market and I think I found the perfect one for any modern family, the Sony Bravia X8000D.

Why is the Sony BRAVIA X8000D the Perfect Home Entertainment Companion for the Modern Family?

Definitely, number one reason why I think the Sony BRAVIA X8000D is a great choice is that it comes from Sony. My family has been a Sony product user since I was young and the quality is really superior. But aside from being from Sony, the BRAVIA X8000D also packs a mighty punch when it comes to what it can offer. 

Image: Sony Philippines Website

The first thing that I love about this is its Connectivity - it's Android and can be easily connected to the internet, no more connecting my laptop to the TV via HDMI. And because it's a Sony Android TV, the family can enjoy using apps from the Google Play Store, you can even connect your mobile devices wirelessly through its Built-in Google Chromecast, perfect for Netflix movie nights with the family!

Image: Sony Philippines Website

As for picture quality, it boasts a stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution and 4K X-Reality PRO to enhance every picture you play on your entertainment system. And because it doesn't stop with just clear picture, you also need vibrant colors, this is where Bravia's TRILUMINOS Display comes in, this feature means no more oversaturated & unnatural colors on your screen.

As for other features that stood out, the X-Protection PRO: Xtra Protection TV is a perfect feature included in this series. What they basically did is they made this TV stronger, as it has advanced protection against electrical surges and unstable electricity, no more worrying when it's the rainy season where we experience a lot of sudden power outages. Aside from that, it also has an anti-humidity coating on the circuit board to prevent short-circuits caused by high moisture. Awesome feature fit for the Philippine climate! 

Image: Sony Philippines Website

Last on my reason why this is perfect is because of its sleek minimalist design. I love how they made this series beautifully designed to fit into any home with slim style and polished metal accents. 

They even thought about the cables at the back with a nice Cable Management set-up that keeps the wires out of sight as it runs down through the center of the stand at the back.

I can still list down more reasons why the Sony BRAVIA X8000D series is perfect for any modern family home but this blog post might get too long 😄. Just head to the Sony Philippines Website for more details about the Sony BRAVIA X8000D series and where you could get one.

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