Swak na Swak Rebrands to Reach A More Diverse Audience

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Nearly 12 years ago, a show was launched showcasing business success stories with the aim of inspiring its viewers to get into entrepreneurship and teaching them the ropes of managing an emerging business. Kabuhayang Swak na Swak has become a success and in order to offer more to its loyal viewers, the business-focused show has re-launched itself as a full-fledged lifestyle show with multiple segments discussing several topics.

The show brought in more hosts, each with their specific segments which are aimed to different viewers. For all your kikay needs, look no further than the Sheology segment. Here, Aly Sevilla, the daughter of singer Selina Sevilla talks about the latest trends in fashion and beauty. From wellness clinics, to face and skin care, to the latest releases and collections from clothing brands, expect a celebration of beauty and female style.

Meanwhile, Chinoy Hottie Louie Ngo gets up close and personal with business heirs and successors. With several companies being family run-enterprises, most company heirs were trained at a young age about the ins and outs of managing the family business to keep it running and prosperous. The Chinoypreneur segment gives viewers an intimate look at these young businesspeople as they share the lessons they learned from the best teachers – their own families and years of practical experience.

The definition of success is not merely defined as financial and Success Enthusiast 
Ahmir Sinsuat is out to prove that point. His segment, Idol, is a platform to acknowledge the work done by individuals and institutions show set out to make the world a better place for everyone. It could be that one individual who has become an inspiration in the community, or a group whose members come together for a lofty and laudable advocacy. By commending these people, Ahmir also aims to inspire viewers, showing them that they too can change the world for the better through their own actions.

Filipinos put a premium on interpersonal relationships and this is most apparent in the Filipino family. Join the Momshie ng Bayan Shah Sinsuat as she sits down with experts in discussing how to raise a happy and loving family. Lighthearted yet informative, Parenting 101 segment is a must-view for newly-established families and expectant mothers everywhere. A mother herself, Shah serves as the perfect spokesperson for mothers out there as she and her guest experts discuss the ins and outs of family life while sharing tips, and tricks.

The Wanderer Ethan Salvador and Travel Buddy Shawn Kyler have been bitten by the travel bug. Viewers are enjoined to accompany them as they travel all around the Philippines. The #TravelGoals segment veers away from the usual spots. Instead, expect to find some hidden gems tucked away from the normal paths. For those looking for something or somewhere new for their next trip, let Ethan and Shawn lead the way and be pleasantly surprised at the places they find in their quest to sate their wanderlust.

Student life is also showcased in Swak na Swak. In the segment Campus Trip, Campus Crush Markus Paterson fetes the campus achievers and campus icons in schools everywhere. Watch as he gets to know the school valedictorians, sports champions, contest winners, and campus leaders. Campus Trip puts the highlight on what it means to be today’s student, from daily school life to grand events such as school fairs and other celebrations.

Of course, Swak na Swak would be remiss if it did not include a business and entrepreneurial segment. Long-time Swak na Swak hosts Bobby Yan and Dimples Romana take center stage with their 2 segments, Usapang CEO and Big Boss. Usapang CEO focuses on the history of today’s successful Pinoy entrepreneurs. The segment sheds light on their humble beginnings and their success through sheer grit, determination, and perseverance. 

Meanwhile, Big Boss picks the minds of business bigwigs as they share the lessons they learned when building their business. The 2 segments continue the spirit of Swak na Swak’s first incarnation as an inspirational and informative business show and long-time viewers can rest assured that the spirit of Kabuhayang Swak na Swak still remains.

With the rebranding and relaunch of Swak na Swak, Bayan Productions, the team behind the show hopes to extend the good vibes the original show has to a more diverse audience. Operating under the motto of Pinoy Dream, Pinoy Hope, Pinoy Pride, Swak na Swak is a celebration of the success of Filipinos, not just in business, but in all aspects of life as well.

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