Pinoy Marvel Fans Surprised by the Avengers Infinity War Cast

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It's been a while and boy I need to catch on tons of stories during the first half of 2018. Let's get back on track and let's kick things off with my personal experience during the Marvel Studio's Infinity War Fan Event in Manila that happened last April. Also, don't forget to check out my Vlog about it at the end of this post.


Last April, a week before the much-awaited Avengers: Infinity War the biggest Marvel fans in the country was invited to a special event at SM Megamall. No details were given except that we're going to get filmed for a video greeting for the cast of the movie, so before the event, everyone was required to sign a release form.


SM Megamall was decked out in all things Marvel - complete with cosplayers who went all-out with their Marvel superhero costumes, even the big bad himself Thanos joined the fun.


The event kicked off with some giveaways from the event sponsors followed by a short program where some of the best-costumed fans were interviewed about their costume to their predictions about the movie.


Between the program, everyone was given a certain phrase to memorize - WE ARE READY FOR YOU, AVENGERS! while practicing shouting it facing the camera. We were all convinced that it's just a simple video greeting so when it's time to do it for real, we just gave our all. 

To the surprise of everyone, familiar faces lit up the cinema screen! Joe Russo, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Karen Gillan are waving in front of us through the cinema screen. It was a surreal moment until the host Justin Quirino confirmed that is is a live feed all the way from Singapore where they will be doing a red carpet premiere.


Some lucky fans got the chance to interact with them and ask questions where the trio gave their sincere answers without giving away much about the movie. Benedict who plays Doctor Strange and Karen who plays Nebula also took time to admire the fans who attended in costume. The surprise interaction was short but very memorable and it was ended with a selfie with the whole cinema.  Check it out below - photo courtesy of Globe.


Enough reading and let's get to the good part, I started producing Vlogs to go with my blog posts as a video is a better way to tell the story.

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Sit back and watch what went down during the event!

Thanks for sticking and watch out for more posts soon! - Alex

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