Get Your Buffalo's Wings n' Things Fix During Quarantine!

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These past few months has been a weird time for everyone around the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic left the world to a strong halt with businesses, schools, and daily life took a break to contain the spread of this deadly disease. Over here in the Philippines, the Enhanced Community Quarantine left everyone staying at home and avoiding contact with the outside world - this means your food cravings are also limited due to closed malls.

I am a true blue fan of Buffalo's Wings n Things and it's been my favorite ever that I've been dining there since a decade ago (we even go out of our way and travel from Quezon City to Home Depot in Pasig to visit their restaurant, thank goodness they opened more branches over the past years in different parts of the metro). During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), one of the things I miss are their famous chicken wings and tenders, unfortunately as the malls are closed and I cannot do this together with other restaurants I normally go to.

If you're like me who misses dining at your favorite Buffalo's Wings n' Things then here's some good news, they now deliver your favorite chicken flavor experience cravings straight to your home! This made me so excited and I also found out that you can order through different ways so there's no excuse for you not to order again.

If you're curious, here are the branches that are open during Enhanced Community Quarantine:

- Brixton Kapitolyo, Pasig
- Banawe, QC
- Calle Bistro, Ever Gotesco Commonwealth
- BGC Stopover
- SM Manila
- Grace Mall, Taguig
- SM North EDSA

The branches above serve areas around their respective vicinity through same-day food delivery apps Grab Food, Lalafood, and Food Panda, just search Buffalo's Wings n' Things in the search bar.

If you cannot order through the food apps, there's still a way to experience the flavor experience by ordering directly through Buffalo's Wings n' Things, just go to It can be via pick-up or delivery via Lalamove and Mr Speedy with the courier fee shouldered by the customer. Delivery is free for a minimum spend of Php 1,200 so make sure to take advantage of that. And oh a quick note, you'll need to order a day in advance through this channel so make sure to plan ahead.

The BWNT Flavor Experience at Home

Buffalo's Wings n' Things must've felt I was craving so much of their flavorful chicken that they recently surprised me earlier this week and sent over a surprise lunch package at home. Full disclosure, it was really not a planned treat, they just reached out and said they'll be sending some treat - I was ecstatic that after almost a month, I'll be able to enjoy some of their delicious food items at home and for free!

They sent over their Fam Time Bundle which includes 9 pieces of their delicious Cuts which are different cuts of chicken covered in their famous sauces - I personally love their Creamy Salted Egg sauce, it's just the right amount of creaminess and spice. It also includes 12 pieces of their yummy chicken tenders which my mom personally loves, according to her she's lazy picking out bones so this is perfect for her.

In case you were wondering, the Fam Time Bundle goes for 888php and includes 9 cuts with choice of 3 flavors and your choice of 12 wings or 12 tenders, it's good for 5 to 6 persons, perfect for the fam!

So if you're craving to experience some flavor experience that is Buffalo's Wings n' Things, make sure to order to take away your quarantine cravings away. Check out their official Facebook page and Instagram for promos and updates. Let's dig in!

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