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Sunday, May 24, 2015 Alexis Mendoza 5 Comments

Admit it, we all love to take photos, from the food we eat to the events we go to -- Makati was even called as the Selfie Capital of the World! But because of the digital age, most of the digital photos we take get stuck as uploaded photos online or on your computer, why won't we go back to the time where we print photos?

Photobooks are slowly becoming a trend, it's a fun way to personalize memories through photos and looks better than just printing photos. I decided to give photobooking a try's service.

I happened to come across Metrodeal's site and found out that they are selling vouchers for photobooks at 99% off, I grabbed the opportunity and bought a bunch for the 6x6 inches photobooks normally priced at P1,200, shipping fee still not included. So it's really pretty cheap!

After creating an account on Photobook Philippines, you'll have the option to choose which of their products are you going to get and customize. I grabbed the small square photobook and decided to download their Photobook Designer app so I can create my photobook faster. If you feel like working on their site, they have an online version as well but you need fast internet connection for it to work smoothly.

Their Photobook Designer app is a little complicated when you're trying it for the first time, but once you get a hang of how the features work, you'll be working on your first photobook smoothly. I recommend you to use high resolution images - but if you accidentally use a low resolution image, the app will notify you that the output will be pixelized.

After finishing up my photobooks, I clicked the order button and automatically opens my browser so that their server can download my work, this is also the part where you need to pay for your order via Paypal, they also accept credit cards.

I assumed that Photobook Philippines is based -- well, in the Philippines. I later found out that it's under Photobook Worldwide based in Malaysia and shipping is pretty expensive. You have the cheaper option to go standard shipping which I assume will end up in your local post office, or go for express shipping via DHL, I picked the latter. Note that shipping fee is for each photobook, so if you're getting two photobooks at the same time, shipping fee is still separate which is a little weird.

After around 4 days, I finally got my photobooks delivered straight to my door in two separate packages. Again, their shipping process is weird, they can actually fit the two small 6x6 photobooks in one package.

Overall, the quality of the photobooks are really good but the final appearance still depends on how you designed yours. If you're adding text to some of your pages, make sure to double check the spellings as they don't touch it even if there's something off.

It's definitely a great way to keep precious photos offline, especially for photography lovers who wants to have their own personal little coffee table book. A great conversation piece when friends comes along.

I'm seeing photobooks becoming a trend in the near future, I hope more online photobook services sprout soon as I have more photos I want to be printed in this way. Have you tried photobooking? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclosure: This review is no way sponsored by Photobook Philippines and Metrodeal. paid for the services they received from the sites mentioned.


  1. Hello there! thank you so much for sharing this. This post is very helpful because im looking to get my photos also compiled in a photobook. since posting this in May 2015, have you had a chance to try other photobook online shops? also may i know if there was a company logo printed anywhere in the photobook? im browsing at the site you are right they sometimes have promo tie ups with Metrodeal but i think expired na yung deal this month...

    1. Hello!

      So far my to-go company for photobooks is still Photobooks Philippines. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter because they regularly do promos like what they did last month. There will be a very small logo at the back cover but aside from that, it'll your designs na. :)

  2. do i have to pay the 1200 hard cover and soft cover in the website since i got it at 20 in metroeal?

    1. Hello!

      No need but you need to pay for the shipping fee. :)

  3. Is there any contact person from Photobook Philippines?


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