Jacket Obsession

Saturday, April 25, 2015 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

Philippines isn't typically a country where you can strut around wearing your jackets all-year-long but when cold season arrives at the latter part of the year, you'll definitely see a lot of Pinoys sporting their favorite jacket out on the streets.

Speaking of jackets, I just have to say that I am obsessed with them! I have thick ones and more lighter ones for those times when it's not that cold but I want to wear one. Wearing one gives me more confidence and it's also a great way to have extra pockets!

As a plus-sized guy, layering helps me cover up problematic areas in my body and gives me a more neutral silhouette. Sometimes, I just throw it in to add a little fashionable touch to my outfit. 

Finding a jacket before makes you take your lazy ass to the mall and scout each store for the perfect one, but now it's more convenient with more and more online shops sprouting around selling equally awesome ones. For deal sites, there are TCAT, Ebay Philippines, YesStyle, and other deal sites who sell them at cheap prices.

As for online stores, I trust ZALORA Philippines as they sell awesome and unique jackets at cheap prices, they also offer Cash on Delivery for those who doesn't have credit cards. I managed to grab a few from them already together with few pairs of shoes during their regular sales, so make sure to visit their site regularly to get more discounts.

It's already summer here in the Philippines and the only chance I can wear my favorite jackets are during evenings when the breeze is much colder. I'm curious, what's your fashion obsession recently? Share it in the comments below! :)

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