Best of Best KPOP Concert Successfully Staged at the Philippine Arena

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Filipino Korean pop fans flocked to Bocaue in Bulacan last April 12 to witness the first kpop show staged at the now world-renowned Philippine Arena. The concert titled Best of Best in the Philippines was headlined by kpop superstars Super Junior, Girls Generation, BTOB, and Red Velvet.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when I found myself inside a shuttle on the way to the Philippine Arena. As we arrived at the venue, you can already say that this is one massive event as all you can see are endless lines of fans all eager to see their favorite Kpop stars on stage.

A pre-event titled Kpop Summer Solstice Extended was held at the arena grounds where Kpop cover groups performed to pump up the crowd. Korean grubs are also available for the fans to fully feel the Korean vibe. As the pre-event ended, the gates open making the fans more excited to enter the venue and the show to start.

Fans were greeted by the massive arena and stage making the anticipation for the fun evening even more higher. The Best of Best in the Philippines stage features a massive stage with a center catwalk where the Kpop stars can interact closer with their fans.

Lights out, the light sticks are glowing, and the stage is set. The concert commenced 10 minutes before 8pm, earlier than expected. All you can hear are endless scream from fans who waited for a long time to see their idols on stage.

First up on stage is the 5 member all girls group Red Velvet. The lively ladies opened the show with their song Ice Cream Cake, this was followed by Something Kinda Crazy, Candy, and finally closed their part of the concert with their hit Happiness.

The second performer of the night is all set after a short video introduction, finally the boys of BTOB is on stage to perform their hits in front of the Pinoy Kpop fans!

The hot rendition of Thriller was their first song of the night, you can definitely feel their excitement to perform in the country through their energetic performances and funny antics. They performed a total of 7 songs with their debut song WOW as their final song.

Dimmed lights, it's time for the 8-member girl group Girls Generation to hit the Philippine Arena stage! The lovely ladies of Girls Generation opened their act with their very catchy Mr. Taxi which made everyone stand up and dance. It was obvious that some of the girls are a little tired that night, maybe due to their busy schedule, but you can still feel that they're having fun while performing on stage.

Girls Generation performed a total of 7 songs, mostly classic hits such as Genie, Hoot, Gee, Kissing You, and ended with Mr Mr. Unfortunately, they didn't perform their newest single Catch Me If You Can which fans are expecting for them to perform that night. Nevertheless, it was an amazing set by the lovely ladies of Girls Generation.

The Arena literally shook both from the endless scream and jumping of fans as the Emperor of Kpop - Super Junior is set to take over the stage as the final act of the night!

Super Junior opened their act with their song Shirt which really made everyone wave their sapphire blue light sticks along with the beat of the song. The arena is glittering with sapphire blue lights and it's definitely a sight worth seeing.

Just like their past Super Show's in the country, their crazy antics are still the same, making everyone laugh throughout their act. The Philippines ELFs (Everlasting Friends of Super Junior - Official Fanclub name) also prepared a surprise for the boys by showing their special message to them during their performance.

Super Junior ended Best of Best in the Philippines with an explosive rendition of their hit Mamacita. The fans are really into it that everyone are dancing & cheering along the concert's final performance of the night. Super Junior performed a total of 7 songs.

Logistical Concerns and Room for Improvement

Just like other shows, there are still room for improvement. Although the show went flawlessly, the pre-concern and post-concert has some problems that the producers can improve on future shows. We listed down some of them for the knowledge of everybody.

  • Because Philippine Arena is located at Bulacan and is outside Metro Manila, the producers provided shuttle bus option for patrons. The shuttle promises to take fans from strategic points in the Metro to the Philippine Arena and back, we decided to take the Trinoma shuttle for this. Unfortunately, the system was chaotic from the start, there were no signage's or staff to assist patrons at Trinoma and we have to run around to catch a shuttle that will take us to the venue.

  • Ticket Validation or entering the main venue was also chaotic as there are only a few entrances going inside. The lines were also slow as the ushers are confiscating prohibited items, some are even disappointed that the staff confiscated items that are originally not in the list of prohibited items.

  • Post-concert, the buses that should be bringing patrons from the Arena going to the shuttle parking area a kilometer away or so from the Arena are no where to be found. Most patrons was left with no choice but to walk. Upon arriving to the shuttle bus parking, we found out our shuttle bus already left without us, many had to scramble and find a bus going home. The organizers should've have provided ample staff to assist and shuttles for patrons.

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