Treats For Your Fur Babies From Pedigree Philippines

Monday, May 22, 2017 Alexis Mendoza 9 Comments

Filipinos love pets, especially dogs, we even have one at home named Skippy. A cute 3 year old Dachshund. But when it come to food, we normally feed them the same food we eat, admit it -- the typical ulam plus rice combo. Here is where the ultimate question comes in, are you feeding your dog the right kind of food? 

They might be man's best friends, but dogs and humans have different nutritional needs. A canine diet requires more nutrients than us. So while our fur babies might seem happy to clean up a bowl of last night’s dinner, it might not meet his or her needs. This is where Pedigree comes in!

According to Pedigree, there are 5 signs of good health for dogs. (1) Shiny Coat (2) Stronger Teeth (3) Firm Stool (4) Stronger Muscles (5) Cheerful Disposition. But what do you do when your pet lacks some of these good health signs? You might want to feed them right with food that can supply them with all the nutrients they need.

Luckily, Pedigree Philippines is giving you a chance to have your fur babies a try at their products at no cost!

How Can I Get My FREE Pedigree Samples for My Pet?

Getting your sample is easy as pie, just head to Pedigree Philippines' Sampling Website and click Register Now.

From there, you'll be asked for your mobile number, full name, mailing address, and a few details about your dog like age, breed, gender, and what kind of food are you currently feeding so they can send the right set of samples for your fur babies.

After that, just wait for your goodies to be delivered to your registered mailing address within 14 days from date of registration. A reminder that delivery scope of this promo is limited to Metro Manila only

Here is my fur baby Skippy The Doxie posing with her own Pedigree Goodies! So cute!


  1. Good day,

    May i ask how to get a free Pedigree samples for my pet? my location is Antipolo but we can't find the rizal province at the option box. your responce is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Angel!

      Unfortunately, it is only available for Metro Manila addresses. If you have a relative living in Metro Manila, you can input their name and address so that it will get delivered.

  2. I have not yet received my free samples. Is there any number to contact so that I can ask or followup? Thank you.

    1. As indicated in the website, it'll take up to 14 days for the freebies to get delivered to your address. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry to hear that. There are limited quantities and it might have ran out already. :(

  4. How to avail a free dogfood or sample for my from laspiñas thanks may contact number 09971056607'thanks

    1. Hello!

      Based on their website, stocks are already out. Make sure to check out their social media pages regularly for updates. :)

  5. hello...

    may i know how to avail pedigree sample?


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