PNoy's SONA, What I want to hear...

Sunday, July 24, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

So I don't normally talk about politics, even on my past blogs. But I was urged by myself to make one today and also because of Thermos Philippines' Hot Topic for this week, the night before PNoy's SONA tomorrow just to release some things floating in my mind. I took the liberty to write in my mother tongue since I think its more appropriate for this topic.

Bakit kaya napapaisip si PNoy?

Actually, Ako din, napapaisip. Napapaisip ako kung bakit ko sya binoto noong nakaraang eleksyon, sa totoo lang, napaka independent namin ng pamilya ko, walang monopolya kung sino ang iboboto ng pamilya, inshort, kung sino ang napupusuan mo sundin mo.

Iniisip ko din kung talaga bang nasilaw lang ako sa mga "star studded" TV Commercials ni PNoy noong nakaraang eleksyon. Oh well, tapos na yun, nakaupo na sya, hindi ko na kayang ibalik ang panahon.

ipapakilala ko muna si PNoy. :)

Si PNoy o Benigno Simeon Cojuanco Aquino III ay ang kapatid ni Kris Aquino, Tito ni Josh at ni Bimbim, Nalink kay Liz Uy at Grace Lee, Bumili ng Porshe pero binenta din after 4 months, at ang kasalukyang "Number 1 Bachelor ng Pilipinas" (Oo, talo nya pa ang Top 69 Bachelor's ng Cosmopolitan na naka skimpy trunks with matching animals).

But Seriously, I really want to know what PNoy will say tomorrow infront of the joint House of Congress and Senate. What will OUR President say to the Filipino's eagerly waiting for those promises He made during the election.

What I want to hear.

Im expecting a lot of accomplishments done for the past year of his term, Yes, We see there's not a lot, but I think the President did a few good things for our country this past year under his term. The Anti-Smoking campaign is one of those things He will boast tomorrow, together with the Raid's done to stop the rampant pirated DVD's sold in Quiapo, Manila.

Another one is the Araneta-Quezon Avenue Underpass which is already in full swing is also a thing to brag about under his administration - although It'll create around 15 months of headache to people who always pass by that area. The rest are just "currently on-going projects" that He will report.

I want to hear the Long-Term Projects He promised He will do 'soon'. I hope that when He said 'soon' it's within his term. I also just hope that tomorrow on PNoy's speech, He doesn't put a finger on anyone *ehem FPGMA*. Or atleast not all from the past administration.

In the end, Everyone just wants to feel all the things He promised a year ago.
It'll be 2 down 4 more to go! Lets just sit, listen, wait and see. :)

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