Lets Go on a Road Trip with KIA Picanto!

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Ever since I was in High school, I’m always imagining myself with an awesome car. When I was young my Dad’s business is buy and sell of cars, so I actually rode on several different cars in my young age. 

I guess that’s where my fondness on cars started.

Okay, so this is TOO young, but you get the point =P
There’s a lot and I mean A LOT! of benefits, But the problem is which car should keep my eye on.

Even though I don’t have the capacity to buy myself my own car (now), I took the liberty to browse around the internet when I feel like doing a little “Car window shopping”. Several famous brand would definitely pop-out from your search engine when you enter “Cars” as the search keyword.

Broom... Broomm... Broooom!
Back in my college days (just a couple of years ago, mind you), I really wanted a car.
Hey! Like I’ve said, there’s a lot of upsides on having a car. 
You just gotta choose the right one.

Car Shopping... Literally.

Luckily, I stumbled upon an awesome car that I have been eyeing ever since I saw it.
It’s no other but the KIA PICANTO and having one is a dream of mine, big impact in my life for sure!

Who wouldn’t go wrong with this sweet ride!
Get ready for some wishful thinking galore in 3... 2.. 1.

Let me break it down for you, I’m they type of guy who’s choosy when It comes to seats,  I’m a big guy so I need comfy seats when riding a car. 

The caption said what I was about to put in this caption
Good thing the New KIA Picanto’s interior meets my needs when it comes to car interiors, you got this comfy seats with simple yet sexy looking seat covers, adjustable seats are an awesome bonus, good for those long out-of-town trips – I can say goodbye to those pesky butt numbs & cramps (Yes, You’ve experienced it, Butt numbs & cramps are hell!).

Goodbye Kandungan moments!
No sweat too even if I bring my barkada with me, the KIA Picanto has multiple seating dimensions to choose from, I can say goodbye to those kandungan moments when your ride is too cramped. 

Add my collection of men's magazine there and that'll be perfect
I can also bring books (and *ehem* magazines) everywhere I go with those neat pockets behind the front seats, Neat-O!

I Bet my Korean Pop CD's would be booming in this baby!
Since I love music so much, I love how the KIA Picanto’s Audio system, surrounds by all 4 corners of the car. And of course I’m sure I’m safe inside the car with all its safety features. J

Of course it’s not only the neat interiors that definitely caught my attention with the KIA Picanto, the handsome looking ride with the front face of the car molded into a more aggressive and livelier while the back emphasizes the car’s width & strength.

Having a KIA Picanto can make a big impact in my life as it’ll not only benefit me but also my family, I can easily pick-up my family and take them to places that we go without the hassle of commuting. It’ll also make a big impact in my personal life because I can go to my appointments (if there’s any) easily, no more “Haggard” looking me because of the hassle of commuting in the busy Metro Manila. Social life will be A++!

All of us has this dream to own a car, mine is this. Although it's a little materialistic, I'm sure you will agree that it's really a big help if We have one of this. I consider eyeing on a car as a GOAL and not only as a materialistic want. Hey, its safer, gets you to where you're going (fast) and efficient. This is one goal (or target) that I really want to get my hands on in the coming years. I need to work hard to get one of this. Hopefully, I can get one in the near future. :)

By that time, I can really say "Lets Go on a Road Trip with KIA Picanto!"

Credits to: KIA Picanto (www.mybestpic.ph) for some of the photos

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