Facebook to release more changes at F8 conference

Thursday, September 22, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

A few days ago, Facebook wowed (and even disappointed) its 750 million users by introducing the new interface of the Social networking site giant. This was (accidentally) announced prematurely by one of Facebook's staff via twitter telling something about the new Ticker feature will add more features like "see what friends are listening" where users can hear what music others are listening. After the employee realized the boo-boo He did, He deleted his twat but it already spread like wildfire.

Facebook rolled out the new layout yesterday and true to what the employee twat, the ticker sidebar is back minus the music option... YET! But based on the flow of the F8 Conference event, it seems like Facebook will partner with Spotify, a swedish music streaming platform company who will also do a speak on the event later.

Facebook's tag-line for the F8 conference is: "Read. Watch. Listen.", That I personally think that Facebook will integrate a music streaming content and a video streaming content (youtube perhaps? I dunno, but I know Youtube is partnered with Google, so dailymotion perhaps? lets see later!)

The doors of the F8 conference has already opened as of this post, the Facebook Talk will start at exactly 12:30am (Philippine Time) in which after the talk, all the new changes will be implemented. So prolly those who sleep early will be surprised with the new Features when they wake up later. hehe

A lot of tech reporters are telling that Facebook changes that will happen will be "Revolutionary" and "Biggest change ever since the launch of Facebook".

So lets just see what Mark and rest of Facebook team have prepared for us in a few hours!


What you missed last night while slumbering away (if you're from this part of the world ha-hum)

Just like what people said, Facebook's new announcement is really Revolutionary & Big, last night I stayed up watching the live streaming of the F8 Conference on Facebook. And just like everyone expected, there will be a Music feature to be included in the new Facebook courtesy of Spotify which lets users see (via ticker) what friends are listening too, then they can just click that ticker update and listen to what they're friends are listening too. Sort of like an online jamming session.

Not only that! Video's are also part of this new Facebook, Netflix together with other Video streaming sites (minus Youtube ofcouse), in the coming days users can watch video's from different partner sites and you're friends will see what you're watching, they can then join in the fun by watching what you're watching. Neat feature I must say. ;)

Lastly, News will also be integrated in the new Facebook. People can now see what others are ready (or atleast the keyword) and they can just hover and click over it and read the news articles they're reading.

All this under the opengraph system which Mark "the Facebook guy" presented in a neat-o way! I'm personally looking forward to this changes in the coming days (or hours!).

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