Camera Hold Up Gang in Antipolo and Cogeo

Thursday, September 22, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

I recently stumbled upon a link posted by one of friends on facebook about a new modus on photographers in the Rizal area, Below is the post in a thread in by username WilbertDisquitado;
Hi guys, good evening. 

I just want to give WARNING to all our fellow photographers in this community, specially those on its business side who do events and model shoots. There is a CAMERA HOLD UP GANG who are victimizing photographers. I know 4 photographers who were been victimized by this group, and just this weekend, one of my closest friend nadali din at muntik pa masaksak.

Eto ung modus nila.  
1. Someone will call you at magpapanggap na client, Sa case nya eto name nung client IAN ADVINCULA - Gay, event coordinator and models handler. Im not sure if that was his real name. After the deal was closed, he will set the place and time where you will meet up. 
2. In my friend case, sa may antipolo ung meet up nila, models shoot sa resort Puting Bato. 3pm Sunday..  
3.Bago sya dumating dun, Ian said na susunduin sila ng kotse, which later the guys just sent a trike para sumundo, because he's busy daw preparing lights and MUA, etc. 1 trike driver and 1 passenger sa likod and 1 lady who said na sya ung katulong ni IAN. 
4. Actually my friend was just a back up photog that day, so 2 sila photogs.. On their way, hinarang na sila ng 2 pang lalaki. Yung place na pinagdalhan sa kanila near SOLID CEMENT sa COGEO. At dun na sila HINOLDAP.  

1 Canon 60D, 1 Nikon D90, 1 D3000, Sigma 24-70, Nikor 18-200VR2, Canon 50mm, Sigma 18-200, 1 Tripod, 2 Nissin Di622 and 2 SB-600 and 3 set of triggers. 

Yan nakuha sa kanila. 

Luckily, they managed to run and a truck delivery hitched hike them. They reported the incident in ANTIPOLO POLICE PRECINT no.2.. They are no. 11 and no. 12 victims na nag pa blotter.
The thread also included a photo of the suspect from the Antipolo Police Precinct 2,
He's using the name Ian Advincula.

Its so frustrating that some people really do things like this to people who works so hard for their equipments. I really hope our authorities can do something about this modus. People beware always.

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