Authentic Korean Foods in Santorini Korean Restaurant

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I have always been a fan of Korean foods for a few years now, the taste of their foods are something everyone must try. I also love how some of Korea's dishes are spicy while some are sweet which is good for those who doesn't like spicy foods. I already tried tons of different Korean Resto's around the metro, from those seen in malls to the small authentic Korean restos in the outskirts of Metro Manila's busy road & small alleys.

A few days ago, Me and my Arirang Town Philippines team headed to UST's most famous Korean Restaurant in the area, its called "Santorini" and is located along P.Noval near UST's P.Noval Entrance. It's a little hidden in one corner but try to ask around the area and they will point you to where this small restaurant is.

Once you enter the restaurant, you will automatically notice all the posters & notes posted in the restaurants' walls, this includes messages & commendation from customers to Santorini. They also gave us some water as soon as we got on our seats.

Their tables and chairs are all wood which adds a nice homey feel to the place. Its also an intimate place for those who wish to be away from the typical noisy food courts and restaurants.
The only noise you'll hear is the television playing Korean shows and the sizzling sound from the kitchen.

So lets get on with the food, Santorini offers a wide array of Korean foods from Kimbap to Tteokbokki which is a street food in Korea sold in Pojangmacha's to the popular Bibimbap. They also offer some Japanese foods like tonkatsu & katsudon.

We ordered 3 different meals so we can try a lot of choices. We ordered some Bulgogi, jjajangbap & bibimbap. As soon as the foods arrive (which I must say is really fast!) We all felt the urge to eat up right away, luckily I was quick enough to take some photos before munching away.

Bulgogi bap
Jjajang Bap
and because this is a Korean restaurant, it wouldn't be complete without the Banchan or Korean Side dishes which I found out to be free together with the food you ordered, You can also ask for a refill of your Banchan when you want more. They gave us some Radish Kimchi and Baechu Kimchi (Cabbage).

Raddish Kimchi
Cabbage Kimchi
So now we get down with the taste, since one of my team member lived in Korea for a few years, He knows whats the authentic to the not so authentic Korean food taste, and as for me, because of the many times I've tasted Korean foods, I know what tastes good or not.

The overall taste of their foods are very authentic since the Korean owners are the ones who cooks the ordered foods. The quick cooking and service is really good for those who are in a hurry like the students in the University belt. The price is really acceptable because of the fact it tastes good and the serving is a lot for one order. If you're planning to eat at Santorini, the price range of their foods ranges from 100 pesos to 300 pesos, this includes the free refillable Banchan (side dishes).

PLACE: 4.0 3D Glasses
SERVICE: 4.0 3D Glasses
FOOD: 4.5 3D Glasses

PRICE: 4.0 3D Glasses

I would definitely comeback to Santorini if I go around the area again soon. :)

Santorini Korean Restaurant
P.Noval Street (near the UST Gym exit), open from 9am to 9pm.
They also accept Take-outs and deliveries around the area.
You may call them at  (02) 565-0701 / SMART 0929-356-0609 / GLOBE 0915-524-1900.

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