Super Junior Mr.Simple Philippine Album Launch a Success!

Saturday, October 08, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 3 Comments

Last October 8, 2011, ELF's (Ever Lasting Friends of Super Junior) flocked to SM North EDSA Skydome for Universal Records & Astroplus'album launch of Korea's super group Super Junior Junior for their 5th Full Album titled "Mr.Simple". Astroplus & Universal Records decided to move the venue to SM North EDSA Skydome from the original venue The Block Atrium to accommodate more fans.

The Event was dubbed
As early as 8am, Fans marched to SM North EDSA Skydome to be one of the CD Bundle buyers to get special limited freebies just for the launch, but the effort fans did is all for the love for Super Junior.

As early as 9AM, ELF's are already filling up the Skydome!
Fans had the chance to choose the covers they want among the ten covers
Before the mall even opened, fans are all waiting for the program to start
The Event has 10 booths dedicated to each members of Super Junior. Fans have to find the booth corresponding to the album they bought and do the assigned task.

I happened to buy the Mr.Simple Shindong Cover so I took the challenge of eating a mystery food and guess what the flavor is, luckily I answered it right and got a Shindong Baller ID as my prize. :)

Here's the actual CD I bought
and here's what it looks inside, pretty cool huh? :)
The Event was also filled with excitement as they wait for the winners of 20 giant portraits of the 10 boys of Super Junior.

Fans eagerly waiting if they're the lucky few to get the portraits
Some even hugging the portraits before the lucky winner takes it
Astroplus also gave away a brand new 23 inch LCD TV to one lucky fan. Funny thing is, the number of the winner is 214362 while my number is 214361. Too bad for me.

Anyways, because of the success of the Grandest Album Launch to date by Universal Records and Astroplus, they are now Preparing for the Album Launch of Super Junior's Version B & C Album Coming Soon! I'm pretty sure it will be a successful event just like this one.

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  1. OMG.... OMG. WAE. OTL

  2. how much ho ang album?

  3. Hi Anonymous November 13, 2011

    The Albums costs 500 pesos each. But I'm not sure if Astroplus or Odyssey still has stocks. But don't fret. They will be selling Versions B and C, as well as SS3 CD very soon. :)


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