So is Youtube Really blocking South Korea's access?

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

A few weeks ago, Yahoo Japan released a news about "Youtube blocking South Korea's access to their site" because of some pretty weird reasons. If you haven't read the full details, I posted a blog about it, Read it! :)

So is Youtube really Closing its doors to South Korea?

Apparently Not.

As you noticed in my blog post about this issue, the last paragraph stated that the article was posted by Yahoo Japan last September 12, 2011 but was taken down after a few hours.

Landing page of the taken down article by Yahoo Japan
So, Yahoo Japan Made a little "boo-boo" by posting an unconfirmed report that sparked anger to Youtube by fans who cannot accept the reason of Youtube posted in the article. It turns out that the News came from a tabloid site in Japan named "Searchina". Angry fans stated their disgust over the false article posted by Yahoo Japan.

A fan added a comment, "The Rumors mill in the Internet is on a rampage right now with Anti-Korean wave movement."

As one commenter said about the article, "The amount of lies they produce is mind boggling" and "Low standard media just picks them up".

So I guess, everyone needs to confirm and RE-CONFIRM the information they get before releasing it to the public, just like what Yahoo Japan forgot to do with this case.

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