Christopher Lao is back... and Informed in a Commercial?

Thursday, October 13, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

Recently, the world (well actually just the Philippines) was shaken with the news about a guy who accidentally drove his car in the middle of a flooded street in an attempt to cross the tired deep flood --- But he failed. See the video below

Now, this news and video became viral overnight, so viral that it became a trending topic on Twitter for 3 straight days!

There's even a facebook page dedicated for his act that gathered tremendous amount of likes from Pinoy's mocking other Pinoy's. Meme's were also made because of the incident.

and with the whirlwind turn of events, the issue between the online world and the poor digitally battered Christopher "The Uninformed Guy" Lao was put to rest after a few days. He rested and had his peace.

BUT now Christopher Lao is back... and informed?
Informed on the on the Act of Nature Car Insurance that is!
Christopher Lao is now the latest endorser of BPI Auto Loan. Check out the video below!

In the newest BPI Autoloan TVC, it shows Christopher Lao recreating the same scenario He experienced during the original interview done to him, but shows a twist at the end with the BPI spot. Now Christopher Lao is the one laughing right now while everyone who mocked him is left silent. He's been informed and earn some moolah for this TVC! 

Congrats Christopher Lao, Congrats BPI Auto Loan for getting him!
I just hope, people won't do what Lao did just to earn the same popularity Lao got. ha!

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