Ala-Hollywood Batangas signage, the next DPWH meme?

Thursday, October 20, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 1 Comments

The Online world was once again shaken by our very idealistic public officials.

And today, Its Governor Vilma Santos who was put in the spotlight with the news from Inquirer today. Well, not her exactly, but her proposal. The "original" idea was proposed by Batangas Governor Vilma Santos. Check it out;

Based on the interviews done with other public officials, Taal Volcano is having an identity crisis (and nt with sexual orientation mind you). Identity crisis in which people normally know that Taas is part of Tagaytay and not Batangas.

The signage in my opinion is shouting "THIS IS OURS! YOUR JUST A VIEW DECK TAGAYTAY!" and because of this plan, the online world is once again starting a new trend, Meme's!

Just recently, We encountered meme's of the DPWH Officials after typhoon Pedring. Now We have Hollywood Pilipinas, tough year for Public official I must say. There's even a facebook Page dedicated to it Called HollywoodPilipinas, Check out the meme's submitted by our creative kababayan's online;

Clean up on isle 5!

Famous Lines from Vilma Santos' movies needs to be included too!

Now, You wouldn't get lost with all the 100 Islands! Its tagged!
We will not forget the 3 DPWH Officials.

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