A taste of Korea, "Tous Les Jours" baking in the Philippines on 11-11-11!

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The Philippines has been recently been hit by a huge wave, Hallyu wave that is. This paved way not only for Korean music and Korean drama's to enter the country but also some of the Korean related businesses.

A couple of years ago, More Korean groceries, restaurants, noraebang (Karaoke rooms), cosmetics shops and other Korean related stores, not to mention online shops that sells everything from Korean accessories to socks with KPOP idols printed on them, sprouted all over Metro Manila like mushrooms.

So why am I talking about this?

Its because another Korean business is coming to the country, and it makes me all hungry.
It is Korea's "Tous Les Jours", a bakery famous in Korea for their yummy breads and pastries.

For you to have an idea on what "Tous Les Jours" is, it was launched in Korea in 1996 to give consumers a totally satisfying bakery experience. They bake their breads on the branch to assure the freshness of their products.

They are the current leader in the bakery industry in Korea and is the first to introduce modern technologies such as TIS or the internet-based Total Information System for their branches and the mileage card systems for consumers (think of it as a loyalty card for customers ^^)

If you don't believe Tous Les Jours is famous, Check out the photo below, its from a scene in the Korean Musical Drama "Dream High", They used Tous Les Jours Lollipop pastries. ;)

Photo Courtesy of Dream High

and Tous Les Jours is coming to the Philippines on 11-11-11 at SM City North EDSA - The Block!

On Friday, at exactly 1:11pm on 11-11-11, Tous Les Jours will open its doors to the public and sell their mouth watering creations that they have to the Filipino market. I will not keep this blog long, I will just flood you with photos of their mouth watering creations :)

Raisin Bread - Made with Whole Wheat and Rye Flour infused with Sweet Raisins. 

Soboro - Classic, Crumbly Peanut Infused Korean Snack Originated from the German Streussel Bread ;)

Original New York Cheesecake developed by famous New York bakers for Tous les Jours. Definite must-try for cheesecake lovers! ;)

Party with Teddy Bear - Made with Succulent and Irresistible Belgian Chocolate.

Tous Les Jours Milk Bun

Tous Les Jours' Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake

Yummy Sweet Potato Cake
Bonus Yummy treat for the ladies ^__~)
Its Hallyu wave star Won Bin for Tous Les Jours.

Here's a Tous Les Jours CF featuring Won Bin. Fans say Won Bin's voice in the CF is like melting rich chocolate in the ears! You be the judge ;)

I'll be dropping by Tous Les Jours on opening day to try our some of their pastries first hand. 
I will drown myself in pure pastry heaven on Friday. haha

Tous Les Jours will be opening on Friday, 11-11-11 at 1:11pm. It is located at the ground floor food strip of SM City North EDSA - The Block.

Like Tous Les Jours Philippines on Facebook and visit their website at www.tlj.ph

Expect a follow up blog next week!

*Credit to Tous Les Jours on Facebook for the Photos used

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