Tous Les Jours finally opens their flagship store in the Philippines

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On the significant date 11-11-11, Tous Les Jours finally opens their flagship store in the Philippines.

Last November 11, 2011, The Pioneer branch of the famous bakery from Korea - Tous Les Jours, opened its doors to the food loving Filipinos. 

Wait, Dont know what Tous Les Jours is? 
Well, It literally means "Everyday", 
but Read the TLJ intro here to know more about the history of TLJ. ;)

The pioneer branch of the Korean franchise is located at the ground floor of SM City North EDSA - The Block building, it was flocked by Korean culture enthusiast as well as Korean and Filipino's eager to try the the yummy looking pastries, breads and cakes all fresh from the oven.

Tous Les Jours' pioneer branch has captured the homey french bakery feel that can make you feel like your in Korea or France! 

The pastries and breads are all laid out for you to personally pick, while the delectable cakes are all displayed in well lit glass displays. Just looking at them makes you feel like biting them already. Check out their lovely spread;

Yes, all that yummy looking breads are all edible and made from the freshest ingredients imported from Korea. You may now close your mouth. ;)

Don't be intimated by the name and where this store came from, the price is just right for your cravings. Their bread price ranges from 8 pesos to 128 pesos, while their loaf breads are ranging from 138 pesos to 158 pesos. 

Notice the repetition of the number 8? Yes, all their prices ends with the number 8!

They serve Fresh products straight of their oven, and when they say straight and fresh, They take it literally. Tous Les Jours' well trained Pattiseurs are constantly making fresh batches of their famous breads and pastries right in front of you!

Tous Les Jours is not only famous for their soft, moist and yummy breads. The French inspired bakery also offers unique looking (and super cute) cakes for your special occasions, or if you just want to surprise your loved ones. Check out some of my favorites!

This Cake made me say "soooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute" so much.
Cake ranges from 400 - 800 pesos, depending on the style, flavor and ingredients used, and yes you can get them right away, no waiting needed. They also come in a very cute box from Tous Les Jours.

I also got the chance to talk with Ms. Andrea Amado of Tous Les Jours Philippines and asked about her impression on the opening of the Flagship store, She disclosed they were surprised to see the warm reception of Pinoy's to their products, they loved it so much that some of their cakes are sold out in just a few hours, She also added that TLJ will soon be implementing loyalty programs and promos for loyal Tous Les Jours customers. 

When asked what is the proper pronunciation of Tous Les Jours, She replied with, 
"No R & S, its is read as Tous Les Jours (Tu Le Ju)"

The pioneer branch of TLJ will also be placing tables and chairs all around the store so that customers can enjoy fresh and hot  pastries and bread right on the spot, as they also sell Korean beverages and drinks that goes well with the TLJ products.

Banana Milk is my Favorite!
So how about the taste?
I chosen 3 breads to try out:


Croissant, First thing I always buy from a new bakery

Giant Cookie!!
After trying them and sharing them to the family (for suggestions), everyone gave these 3 products a thumbs up! I cant wait to buy some of their delicious cakes next time I visit Tous Les Jours!

To get latest updates about Tous Les Jours Philippines, Visit their online pages:
Tous Les Jours Philippines on Facebook
Tous Les Jours Philippines Official Website

Visit their store and try it yourself!
Tous Les Jours
G/F, SM City North EDSA
The Block (Main Entrance)

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