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Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 3 Comments

Its Christmas time again, and for coffee loving people, this means it time to start collecting those stickers to get their annual planner from their favorite coffee shop. In the Philippines, Starbucks is the pioneer in this coffee equals planner craze.  And today, I'm presenting you with Starbucks Korea 2012 Planner.

But before you comment "Why Starbucks Korea?" & that I don't love Starbucks Philippines, well, I do still love Starbucks Philippines, It's just I don't have the patience to collect stickers or even go to their branch regularly (yes, I'm lazy). So, for the second year, I opt to order another Starbucks Korea Planner since I love their 2011 planner. 

Starbucks Korea released a total of 2 versions of the 2012 Planner, first is the Red one & second is the Dark Brown one, Both with Slim and Regular size versions. I got the Red Regular size version. So here we go. :)

This year, Starbucks Korea decided to give their planners inside a Starbucks Gift wrap, I guess they did this because some people might give this as gifts to their loved ones. Neat Idea for those who's in a hurry to buy gifts. The best thing is that the gift wrap matches the over-all look of the 2012 planner.

Once you unwrap it, You will be greeted with a nice red box adorned with silver star details and the name of whats inside -- The 2012 Starbucks Planner. At the back is the Classic Starbucks Logo with printing details.

Another unique thing I noticed from the box is the lovely ribbon lock they included which tightly secures the content of the box. They really focused on the details for the 2012 Planner box not only the planner itself.

Now let's get on with the planner itself. After opening the lovely red box, You will be greeted with the red small planner. Unfortunately, no pouch like the 2011 Starbucks Korea Planner (coz pouches are so last year haha) so I guess I  will be using my pouch from the 2011 planner.

The Front of the planner features an embossed Starbucks logo and a wave (or fire) like embossed pattern.  There's also the standard garter strap is included in the planner which will secure your planner from opening, which I really love because I like putting little notes inside my planner, the strap secures those things from falling out of the planner.

At the back is of course, the Starbucks Logo in shiny metallic silver print, which I find classy & clean.

The 2012 Starbucks Korea Planner has also a unique personal number, Starbucks Korea do this because of the limited quantities of the planners they produce yearly. This year, Starbucks Philippines adopted the serial number system to our local version of the annual planners and also Starbucks Philippines adopted the pouch which was first introduced by Starbucks Korea in their 2011 Planner. ;)


Surprisingly, the 2012 Starbucks Korea Planner features not one but Two styles of layout all packed in one planner. You have the Weekly layout & the Monthly Layout.

Monthly View
For the weekly layout, there's a small monthly calendar on top of every week so you could quickly check. There's also month guides on the edge of every page so you could easily browse the planner.

Weekly View with Calendar on the Top left
Between the sets of months and weekly pages, there are this cool colored full page pictures of things related to Starbucks Coffee and its long history of serving people with good coffee & service.

At the latter pages of the planner, there are those for people who loves writing and doing doodles. The latter part of the planner contains the notes section for those who love writing random things or for those important notes that doesn't fit the weekly planner spaces.

while doodlers will definitely love this, because there are lots of pages for sketches & doodles in this planner,

and there are those pages which I call "Doodle on top, Description below" pages, yes, I made up a name. ;)

At the back cover part of the planner is where a small compartment is located, Its like a small envelope where you can put your special notes, business cards, receipts or even small greeting cards, for safe keeping.

This year, Starbucks Korea included a small Starbucks Christmas card as their freebie for every planner, while on the slim type planners are sets of Starbucks Christmas inspired stickers. :)

The downside of me getting the Starbucks Korea Planner is that I cannot use the special treat coupons attached to the last page of the planner (duh!), but I just gotta say, Starbucks Philippines has more freebies (because us Pinoys just loves freebies).

If you're wondering how big is this planner, it's the same size as the 2012 Starbucks Philippines Planner, so it's very handy. Check out my Starbucks Korea 2011 (Black) with the pouch and my Starbucks Korea 2012 (Red) which doesn't include a pouch like last year. I will be re-using the pouch from 2011 for my 2012 planner.

Over-all, Starbucks Korea didn't drastically changed their planner designs, it's also a bummer that they didn't include a pouch for their 2012 planner. I recommend you get the Korea planner if you want something unique and lazy (like me) on collecting stickers. But if you like the Philippine version more, Keep collecting those stickers! You still have plenty of time to complete your sticker cards!

That's it!
Let me know what You think of this version of the Starbucks Annual Planners by commenting below. :)
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  2. awesome planner! still selling the 2013 edition from starbucks korea..now only 1,000 php each ^^



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