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Pinoy's really love food and good food is not complete without good drinks. And 2011 is like the "Year of Drinks" in the Philippines because of the several drink shops that struck gold in the Pinoy palate. One of them is the fast growing -- Happy Lemon.

With the slogan "Everyday Happy" which is like saying (in my translation) Drink Happy Lemon Everyday so You will be Happy Everyday and with the now iconic Lemon Boy winking logo, it is one of the favorite place for some milk tea fanatics. Happy Lemon Originated in mainland China and spread like wildfire to different parts of Asia and is now one of the fastest growing chain in Mainland China. They offer assorted unique signature drinks that keeps their Patrons coming back. They invented concoctions that reinvents the way we drink our normal tea (and more!).

Last week after hearing the news that Happy Lemon already opened their new branch up North at Trinoma Mall, Me and my blogger buddy Dang of The Filipino-Japanese Journal marched to their new shop early in the morning. The store is quite small and generally for to-go orders, but there are 3 tables with 4 chairs each for those who want to stay longer, although I recommend to go early If you want to seat, or have the patience to wait.

Happy Lemon's branch is located at the M4 Level of Trinoma Mall just beside Timezone and in front of the cinema ticketing booth. We went there early in the morning but lines are already long even before we placed our orders, so you'll noticed how popular this place is.

Ironically, this Milk tea place is famous not only for their milk tea but for other unique drink concoctions too. Some of their best sellers are the Cocoa with Rocksalt & Cheese, Lemon Yakult (Yes! Yakult!) and Green tea with Rocksalt & Cheese to name a few (noticed the rocksalt & cheese tandem? more of that after the jump). There are also fruit & tea mixes and the normal tea's.

So what is Rock Salt and Cheese? Well its a signature mix by Happy Lemon which makes their drinks more interesting. The Rock Salt and Cheese is made into a frothy light mixture and is place on top of the drink. We ordered two of their best sellers to try and to review.

Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese and Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese
So lets start with the Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese, it is served cold in a Happy Lemon labeled cup with no lid on. The taste is quite interesting as the Green tea taste strong but with the help of the Rock Salt & Cheese, the taste became more full and yummy. So even non-tea drinkers will love this drink.

The second drink we got it their best seller, Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese. No, no tea in this one, just pure cocoa goodness. It is also served without the lid on. The taste is really different from the normal chocolate drinks we buy from other stores, this is because of the Rock Salt & Cheese. The Rock Salt & Cheese gives the chocolate drink a distinct Salty and Sweet mix that is just right.

So if you're wondering why I'm indicating if there's no lid on our drink, this is because those drinks without lids are meant for sipping while those with lids are meant to be drank with their straw. Don't even try to mix them using a straw if it's meant for sipping, because You will not taste all the ingredients *wink wink*

Aside from the drinks, one thing good about Happy Lemon is their fast service, You place an order on the counter where you will clearly see all the menu, give your name and wait for your name to be called. Fast and simple.

So If you're wondering how much is the damage for their drinks, Drinks range from 80 pesos to 100 pesos. For the complete price list check out MunchPunch. Note that the prices on the link are subject to change without prior notice.

Overall, Happy Lemon is a very nice concept for a milk tea place because they offer more than milk tea, The unique drinks & concoctions are very interesting too which makes the consumers go back and lastly, great & fast service that everyone is looking for in a shop.

Visit Happy Lemon and try it yourself!

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