2011, A roller coaster year that was!

Saturday, December 31, 2011 Alexis Mendoza 1 Comments

I can believe how time really flies fast! So fast that we're actually just a few hours away from welcoming the controversial year 2012. And I say controversial because of our Mayan friends who's scaring the hell out of people with their giant round wheel that 'predicts' about the end of time happening on December 2012. 

But Enough about that.
So, this will be my last blog post... for the year 2011 that is.
I will just do a quick round up on what happened to my personal and blogging life this 2011.
I'll make this very quick since I'm currently busy cooking stuffs for the New Year's Eve dinner.

It was early 2011 when I entered internship on Bayan Production (ABS-CBN), it was an awesome experience being on the real media production, experiencing doing shoots outside Metro Manila and stuff for 'Kabuhayang Swak na Swak' & 'Urban Zone', it was an unforgettable start to my 2011.

2011 was a also a memorable year for me as it was the year I finally finished my studies. I graduated college with a degree in Bachelor in Broadcast Communications at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Manila last May 6, 2011! It was definitely an awesome day for me as well as for my mom.

2011 is the year I returned to my passion on blogging, it was 2006 when I started blogging on multiply, I was just posting super random stuffs back then but when I went back to blogging this year here on blogger, I know I need to create better blog posts for everyone. :)

I also gained new friends during the blogger events I attended, it also helped me enhance my writing skills more especially now that I'm a graduate already, blogging helps me not become rusty on my writing. :D

Reebok Easytone Media Dinner - One of the few bloggers event I've Attended this 2011
Our Team Arirang Town Philippines also did an awesome job this 2011 at the 20th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival event last October 29 at the Aliw Theater. We proved that we can do events even though its only a few of us working on it.

I gotta say that the end of 2011 is very lucky for me as I will be starting 2012 with a new job at an events company in Quezon City, and I'm wishing that this luck will go all throughout 2012 and beyond.

I'm looking forward to more interesting finds and events to cover this 2012 for AlexBam2006in3D~!
And I wish You'll stick around with me on this new year!

Thats it for my quick year-end round-up!
Now back to cooking for the New Year's Eve dinner later!
I hope you guys have a prosperous and safe 2012!

Much Love,
Alexis Mendoza

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  1. Wow! You are very lucky to have your internship with the stars! Good luck and more power to 2012!


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