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When I graduated college last year, I had a hard time looking for a job, normally, I would scout job fairs and drag myself to the crowded job fair inside malls. queuing for hours! and everytime, I end up going home empty handed because no job would fit my qualifications. I once wished there was an easier way to land a job.

I didn't see it coming that job hunting in the Philippines would be so... mobile! 
Job hunting. More easy with the help of!
The First SMS Based Job site in the Philippines.

Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur penetrates into the fertile job market in Cebu through the introduction of portal, which provides the easiest, simplest online job matching between employers and job seekers.

John Kim, who owns an entity called Human Capital in Silicon Valley, California, has partnered with the Cebu Educational Development for Information Technology (CEDFIT) through a separate US-registered company Now Media Group, to reach out to the academe/colleges and universities, the industry players, and help solve the problem of human resource matching between industry and manpower pool.

With, job seekers will have more flexibility in looking for the perfect job through linking of online sites to mobile devices via SMS. This means, job seekers can easily get job alerts straight to their mobile phone! The best part is you can apply via SMS through's "Text to apply" service.

the website
Another unique feature about is every registered members will be put in a data pool where employers can easily check out potential employees! So its like a two-way street now as Employers can seek from Employees & Employees can seek for Employers. All of this under one unique site!'s unique Text to Apply service is the first in the country that allows one to send Resumes via SMS, Yes! Now Job hunting is just a mobile click away, We can say bye bye to this scenarios.

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Not from Cebu?
Don't fret!'s employer members is not limited to Cebu but all around the Philippines. In the long run, Now Media Group is aiming to expand its coverage outside the country and link companies from other countries to the website.

Now, Ready to get that dream job? :)

Visit now and register!
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Happy Job Hunting!

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