Nescafe' says Good Morning sa inyo with free jeepney rides!

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Remember the very catchy and so LSS-ing (That's Last Song Syndrome for you) melody of their TV Commercial? If you have been living under a rock for quite sometime now, go and watch this first:

Okay, so I guess you watched the video above already? okay, let us continue.
As I was saying, Nescafe' Philippines introduced their new and improved Nescafe 3in1 Sweet n' Mild coffee. Which they aim to make your mornings more sweeter and not bitter.

I guess you're already wondering why am I talking about this eh?
Well, Nescafe started a new on-ground campaign in Metro Manila which aims to strengthen more their 3in1 Sweet n' Mild coffee's tag-line; "Good Morning sa Inyo"

The Pinatamis ng Bitter Mornings: Libreng Sakay Hatid ng Nescafe' 3in1 Sweet n' Mild! started rolling the streets of Metro Manila last January 9, and will on 4 consecutive Monday's of the month of January 2012 with routes going to different key points in Manila and Quezon City.

I had the chance to ride on one last January 16, I was not aware of the free ride campaign that time, so I was shocked to know that my ride is Free of charge courtesy of Nescafe' Philippines. I really had a great time telling the other incoming passengers that the ride is free as what the passengers before me said to me when I got on the jeepney. I guess its part of the experience, people sharing the great news to others early in the morning. Too bad I didn't got the chance to take a photo of the jeepney. Because its a little dangerous flashing a Blackberry in the middle of Quezon Avenue. haha.

This is one great campaign for Nescafe Philippines, They really made my morning good that day, and I bet all of the other passengers felt the same way.

Now, Lets sing together... GOOD MORNING SA INYOOOO! :)

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