Not your typical Korean Restaurant, Don Day!

Saturday, September 22, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 5 Comments

It's been a while since I blogged about omnomnom's, and because I'm an omnomnomnivor, I'll blog about one of my new favorite place to eat for my Korean food cravings. Okay, I will now stop using omnomnom and omnomnomnivor for the rest of this post. LOL.

For those who are Korean food lovers, I know you already know this place. Don Day Korean Restaurant is an all-out Korean food buffet restaurant that really knows how to satisfy our food box AKA tummy with delicious unlimited Korean foods!

Don Day Korean Restaurant is located in one of the little streets connected to Omnomnom Street -- Maginhawa. If you're familiar with the area of Teachers Village, this area are filled with awesome foodie spots that everyone must try, from Mexican foods to Pinoy foods, everything falls under this street and the streets connected to it.

A couple of weekend ago, ArirangTV did a shoot here in the Philippines about the importance of the Philippines in the spread of the Korean Wave all throughout the world, Arirang Town Philippines - the group where I am the head - was there to assist the team, we ended the two-day shoot in this lovely restaurant. By the way, you can check out the final video HERE, spot my little cameo. And because this is an unexpected thing, please pardon my photos as all of them are from my Galaxy Tab only.

We arrived at Don Day at a Sunday evening, the place is packed but we were seated fast and very near the buffet table. Don Day offers two options for their buffet, 199php for unlimited Korean foods - No Samgyeopsal, while the 299php included unlimited Samgyeopsal on top of the unlimited Korean foods. Not bad if you ask me, even the Koreans with us are surprised about the cheap price! We all opted for the all in at 299php option.

The buffet table (Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the buffet table) was laid out on the center of the restaurant, they constantly replenish their foods which is good especially on busy nights like the night we went there. The buffet consists of different Korean foods such as kimbap, fishcakes, hobakjeon, kangnamul, japchae, and pan fried veggies, there's also some familiar Pinoy dish served like lumpiang shanghai. The buffet table is also where you can get ingredients for your samgyeopsal meal like different kinds of lettuce, dips, and wide variety of kimchi.

We got cooking and started munching on delicious Korean foods. The pork slices are served by the plate, you just request the servers to replenish your plate once you cooked them all, the servers are quite attentive too but I noticed theres not much of them to attend to everyone especially during peak days and hours.

Arirang Town Philippines team munching away
My plate after the Korean food battle
Overall, Don Day Restaurant's menu plus the very affordable price, great for those Korean food cravings! I'm giving Don Day Korean Restaurant 4.5 Glasses!

If you want to try Don Day Korean Restaurant's delicious buffet,
I created a very sketchy vicinity map for everyone!

click photo to enlarge
Don Day Korean Restaurant is located at 40 Malingap St., Teacher Village - East, Quezon City. They are open Monday to Friday with lunch hours from 10:30am - 2:30pm, while dinner hours are 4:30pm - 10:30pm.

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  1. have you been to yoogane? yoogane is a famous restaurant in south Korea and had open a branch here in the Philippines. one of their famous dish is their dak galbi

    1. I'm actually planning on visiting Yoogane very soon, I'll keep you posted. ;)

    2. just in time, they got more dishes in their menu and they are celebrating their anniversary so they are giving a 10% discount on your bill

  2. Does that unlimited sampgyeopsal us for all or for one person only?

    1. It's 350 per head, I heard they did a little increase recently from the 299 price. If one of you just got the Korean buffet with no samgyeopsal, that person can't try your group's Samgyeopsal. If you all paid for unlimited Samgyeopsal, they all of you can share. Hope I explained that clearly. TEEHEE!

      - Alex ☺


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