Hollys Coffee, a Korean cafe in Manila.

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Aside from our Korean food omnomnom at Don Day's unlimited samgyeopsal as part of our recently held shoot with South Korea's Arirang TV, we also went to Hollys Coffee in Manila to do a short simple interview with some lucky KPOP Fans.

I was actually not familiar with this coffee shop until I did a little research a few days before the shoot. Hollys Coffee (할리스 커피) is a specialty coffee company in Korea (Think of it as Korea's version of Starbucks!). The company was established in 1998 and opened Korea's first espresso shop that year. Their shops offer espresso, coffee, tea, coffee/tea based cold and hot specialty drinks, a variety of pastries and other snacks, and coffee supplies. By 2008 there were more than 100 Hollys Coffee shops in Korea, and the franchise had expanded with additional stores in Japan, China, Malaysia, Peru, and recently the Philippines. One interesting fact is that this company has its own a barista academy called the Hollys Coffee Academy. Cool!

Hollys coffee is located in Taft Avenue just beside De la Salle University at the ground floor of One Archers Place. The store is a two level store with nice warm wall accents and furniture, it really is one cozy place to hang out. I heard this place is packed with students during weekdays, luckily we were there on a rainy Saturday night.

They also play nice slow music and sometimes Kpop songs, they also have a cute Kpop wall which I assume fans can post photos of their favorite artists. They also have some cute mugs and tumblers for sale, although I forgot to ask the prices, I assume they are around 200 to 500 pesos depending on the size and design.

I arrived early, so I settled down and ordered a grande iced cafe latte (P135) which is okay but not something to rave about. Note that their system is very much like your normal coffee shops in the metro - you order, pay, and wait for your order to be called. Oh! I almost forgot, the only thing different is they don't ask for your name, they'll just give you this nice round thing which lights up & vibrate when your order is ready, just like some of our tea shops here. ;)

What I actually forgot to buy is their best seller, the Sweet Potato Hollycinno - which I still have no idea how it tastes like, but I heard it was a unique sweet treat, I will try to order that next time I'm around the area. Aside from drinks, they also sell delicious looking cakes and pastries.

I didn't order any because I just had an early dinner when I arrived, but I managed to get a photo from one of the fans who came and ordered a Hollys coffee's red velvet cake (around P100+ per slice), I asked her if it was good, she said it is. They also serve iced blended beverages like this one below.

This place offers free WIFI but please take note that the signal is actually really weak, when you're at the second floor don't expect to receive any. But over-all it was a good first time experience at Hollys Coffee. Another one of those tambayan for students, especially for KPOP enthusiasts.

AlexBam2006in3D is giving Hollys Coffee 3.5 glasses for their location, place, and price

Hollys Coffee currently has two branches:
One Archers Place Taft Avenue and SM Southmall

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